Summer schools

Summer schools, as a rule, can offer an intensive academic and rich cultural program. It is a great opportunity to gain new learning experience, get acquainted with peers from other countries and see the world. The duration of a summer school can vary from a couple of days to several weeks during a summer vacation period.

The benefits of participating in a summer school speak for themselves:

New knowledge: a summer school enables you to learn new subjects or deepen your knowledge in a well-known field. In addition, many summer schools assign credits, which can be used as a proof for recognition of prior learning and experience towards a degree at the university. 

New cultural experience: it is a chance to discover new cities and countries, enjoy sightseeing and learn about culture and traditions of other people around the world. 

New friends: participating in a summer school you will make new friends and learn about life of your peers abroad. 

Good try out: if you want to try yourself in a new field and understand your preferences, or to get to know a certain university before applying there, then a summer school is a unique opportunity for you to try out a program or a university.

Summer schools for international students at Nazarbayev University