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Greatest Minds of Kazakhstan History. Are you ready to be next?

This year we celebrate significant anniversaries in the history of Kazakhstan - great scientist Al-Farabi: 1150 years old; 185 years - a scholar, ethnographer, traveler Shoqan Walikhanov; 175-year anniversary of the great Kazakh poet, philosopher and thinker Abay Qunanbaiuly.
What if all great minds of the past will be here today in Kazakhstan? What will they dream about?
They would still follow their dreams. And what is your dream? Fulfill it with us - Nazarbayev University. 

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NU VLOG: New Master's Programs at Nazarbayev University

How to choose your Master degree program in the age of disruptive technologies and become a qualified specialist?
Check a video blog with our students about the top 5 new Master’s programs at Nazarbayev University. Our students will share why they want to work with big data, molecular medicine, aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering or petroleum engineering.
By the way, what program do you want us to tell you next? Please comment below this video, and we will cover them in the next episodes.

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Greatest Minds of Kazakhstan History. Are you ready to be next?

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Summer School in Russian and Eurasian Studies (SSRES) at Nazarbayev University

Latest news & announcements

Latest news

Retreats of informal information sessions in cities of Kazakhstan

2020, February 27

Nazarbayev University held informal informational sessions about the admissions process in various cities across Kazakhstan, between February 8th and 20th.   Attendees met with representatives of the university and had a chance to have all their questions... Read More

Nazarbayev University: equal access and equal opportunities for everyone

2020, February 22

The development of a barrier-free environment for students with special educational needs, equal conditions and opportunities for everyone are the main principles of Nazarbayev University. Ziyat Abdykaimov is the first blind student and graduate of the graduate... Read More

To sort or not to sort? Are the capital residents ready to sort household solid wastes?

2020, February 19

Nazarbayev University scientists studied the behavioral attitude of Nur-Sultan city’s residents to the processing of household solid waste (HSW) and came to the conclusion that despite the imperfection of the existing management system for collection and recycling of... Read More