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Dietary supplement with halal standards developed at Nazarbayev University

2019, January 16

Scientists from the Center for Life Sciences, National Laboratory Astana (NLA), Nazarbayev University have developed a new dietary supplement made from dried mare’s milk (saumal), vegetable and metabiotic ingredients. The new product received the working title “Saumet”. Starting... Read More

About ketchup, mosquito netting, and 100 ways of drawing from a manager of Nazarbayev University

2019, January 9

How do you usually use ketchup? As seasoning for food? What about nails – only for making repairs? How about mosquito netting - as protection against annoying mosquitoes and midges? An employee of Nazarbayev University Kanat Nurtazin... Read More

Main trends in secondary education of Kazakhstan were discussed at Nazarbayev University

2018, December 22

Orientation towards meta competences, teachers’ professional development, transition from “education for all” to “quality education for everyone” as well as development of school management and ICT are all actual trends in modern secondary education. On December 20-21,... Read More