NU Vice-Provost comments on Forbes.com - "Can International Higher Education Survive Covid-19?"

22.06.2020 Forbes

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NU ISSAI researcher talks about COVID-19 Simulator on the Irish Tech News Podcast

25.05.2020 Irish Tech News Podcast

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NU graduate, a Robotics and Mechatronics expert, explains sports robot

17.06.2020 The Guardian

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Interview with NU Assistant Professor: "Support educators with online teaching during COVID-19"

25.05.2020 Global Education Times portal

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9 Trends That Will Shape Business Education In 2020, According To Deans

03.01.2020, BusinessBecause
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NU VLOG: New Master's Programs at Nazarbayev University

How to choose your Master degree program in the age of disruptive technologies and become a qualified specialist?
Check a video blog with our students about the top 5 new Master’s programs at Nazarbayev University. Our students will share why they want to work with big data, molecular medicine, aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering or petroleum engineering.
By the way, what program do you want us to tell you next? Please comment below this video, and we will cover them in the next episodes.

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Nazarbayev University: 10-year’s takeaways and future endeavours

2020, June 30

  This year Nazarbayev University is celebrating its first major anniversary: ​​10-year jubilee! It’s a great opportunity to look back on the goals achieved, missions completed, explore new possibilities and plan future steps to take. What are... Read More

Why should companies invest in management training?

2020, June 30

Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest, Benjamin Franklin once said. Are Industry conferences and corporate executive education interventions effective? Is there any value of meetings and events in terms of being applied to benefit the organization? And... Read More

Students and Graduates of NU addressed the First President – Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev

2020, June 20

Dear Nursultan Abishevich! Kazakhstani society faces an invisible enemy – the coronavirus epidemic, which, unfortunately, has not bypassed you, as well as many thousands of Kazakhstanis. On behalf of all students and graduates of Nazarbayev University, we... Read More