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Nazarbayev University Math Team got back with Silver medals

2018, November 8

The Nazarbayev University team won three Silver medals and Honorable mention in Al-Khorezmi International Mathematical Olympiad for University Students (AKHIMO) in Khorezm, Uzbekistan, October 26-31, 2018. The AKHIMO contest is an initiative of the President of Uzbekistan... Read More

Launch of the high-current pulsed ion accelerator INURA at Nazarbayev University

2018, November 7

The novel ion accelerator facility INURA (Innovative Nazarbayev University’s Research Accelerator) was recently installed at the 1st floor of S4 building at Nazarbayev University and produced the first ion beam. It was built as a result of... Read More

Nazarbayev University held the 10th International Open Access Week

2018, October 31

In celebration of International Open Access Week (OAW), the Nazarbayev University (NU) Library organized various activities on October 15-21, 2018. Part of the OAW program consisted of reports, seminars, lectures, workshops and a movie night. Lectures on... Read More