Mobile phone frequencies are being used to treat Alzheimer’s disease

15.11.2019, Middle East Medical Portal
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Thermal ablation therapy for cancer using nanomaterials

07.10.2019, Middle East Medical Portal
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Kazakhstani University helping to revive ancient Silk Road route

06.11.2019, Asia Today
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The world is changing: how savvy universities are playing catch-up

25.09.2019, The Telegraph
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One student story - Nazarbayev University: Pursue your dreams!

We share the story about Alikhan Kusnutdinov, an undergraduate student of Nazarbayev University, who was born and raised in a rural area of Kazakhstan, who once decided to follow his dream...

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Stories of Nazarbayev University students from all over the world

Summer School in Russian and Eurasian Studies (SSRES) at Nazarbayev University

Kazakhstani researchers on track to power trains with wind

27.08.2019, Sustainability Matters
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App Lets Users Rent Out Empty Parking Spaces

19.08.2019, Springwise
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Latest news

New “gold” in the sports collection of NU

2019, December 3

Moldir Mekenbaeva, a fourth-year student at the School Sciences and Humanities, won a gold medal at the World Ju-Jitsu Championship in the “Nevaza System” section for women, which was held in the city of Abu Dhabi (UAE).... Read More

Together we make the winter warmer

2019, November 29

The Warm Winter project has been starting for many years at Nazarbayev University in anticipation of cold winter weather. Under this project, children from socially vulnerable sectors of the population are supplied with warm winter clothes. Any person... Read More

Coco Fest at Nazarbayev University

2019, November 29

Students, staff members of Nazarbayev University, and the expat community from the city celebrated an adaptation of a traditional Mexican holiday. For a second year now, the NU community took part a rough in the adaptation of... Read More