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The 10th International Open Access Week started at Nazarbayev University Library

2017, October 23

On October 23-29 the 10th International Open Access Week will be held at Nazarbayev University Library (3rd floor). Everyone is welcome to participate in this event! The program of the event includes open lectures by professors, unique... Read More

The lowest temperature in Kazakhstan

2017, October 17

Research group of the Energetic Cosmos Laboratory under supervision of Nobel Laurеate in Physics George Smoot firstly obtained a temperature near absolute zero (273.15 C) in a cryogenic refrigerator at  Nazarbayev University. The absolute zero is the... Read More

Healthy mind starts with healthy body! A new sports ground has been opened in Nazarbayev University

2017, October 10

The sports ground was solemnly opened in the university with the Bank of Astana. The main features are: Work Out (outdoor sports ground) and Street ball (ball court). Nazarbayev University students had a chance to immediately try... Read More