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Latest news

HPAIR Asia Conference 2019 at Nazarbayev University

2019, August 16

The Harvard College Project for Asian and International Relations 2019 Asia Conference (HPAIR 2019 Asia Conference) started today at Nazarbayev University. HPAIR Asia Conference 2019 is a five-day international youth conference held since 1991 in the largest... Read More

Online school to help foster parents

2019, August 12

Recently we interviewed Akmaral Shalgimbayeva – a graduate of Nazarbayev University’s Graduate School of Education, specializing in “Master of Science in Leadership in Education” – about her social project of an online school for foster parents.  Akmaral, how... Read More

A Healthy, Safe, and Happy Campus

2019, August 9

Today, more and more organizations care about the health and safety of their employees.  Achieving and maintaining good performance in workplace health and safety means not only providing conditions for successful and safe work, but also working... Read More