9 Trends That Will Shape Business Education In 2020, According To Deans

03.01.2020, BusinessBecause
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The importance of earthquake preparedness, mitigation and resiliency

02.12.2019, Open Access Government
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Nanotech being used in the fight against cancer

02.12.2019, Hospital Hub
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Mobile phone frequencies are being used to treat Alzheimer’s disease

15.11.2019, Middle East Medical Portal
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Kazakhstani University helping to revive ancient Silk Road route

06.11.2019, Asia Today
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The world is changing: how savvy universities are playing catch-up

25.09.2019, The Telegraph
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Thermal ablation therapy for cancer using nanomaterials

07.10.2019, Middle East Medical Portal
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FAQ. How to apply to Nazarbayev University?

It has been a long way to know how to apply to Nazarbayev University?
Do the grades report or UNT results matter on chances and possibilities of earning scholarship here?
Just watch our students answering on TOP frequently asked questions on admissions to foundation, undergraduate and graduate programs.

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One student story - Nazarbayev University: Pursue your dreams!

Stories of Nazarbayev University students from all over the world

Summer School in Russian and Eurasian Studies (SSRES) at Nazarbayev University

Kazakhstani researchers on track to power trains with wind

27.08.2019, Sustainability Matters
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App Lets Users Rent Out Empty Parking Spaces

19.08.2019, Springwise
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Nazarbayev University researchers conduct research on rural schools of Kazakhstan

2020, January 13

What do the Kazakhstani rural school leaders, teachers, students, and parents understand by the quality of education? What opportunities, resources, and support are available to these rural schools for achieving their aspired quality of education? What issues... Read More

Gluten disease can now be determined using a mobile app

2020, January 9

Scientists from Nazarbayev University and the UK have developed the first mobile application that uses a short questionnaire to determine the risk of celiac disease. Dr. Aizhan Kozhakhmetova, Assistant professor in the Department of Biology at the... Read More

Where to study for the Master of Pharmacology and Toxicology program?

2020, January 8

A pharmacologist is a professional person who studies the actions of medicines or chemical agents, the short or long-term toxic effects of medicines and other related chemicals on biological systems. Toxicologists specifically study the toxic effects of... Read More