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NU PhD graduate’s research can help to provide clean water to the residents of the country

2021, April 15

Today we will talk with Alzhan Baimenov, PhD in Science, Engineering and Technology, class of 2020 NU SEDS graduate. Alzhan now works as a postdoc at al-Farabi Kazakh National University, and at the same time, works on... Read More

NU Global relations: online lecture on “Smart Sustainable Cities”

2021, April 12

The online lecture “Smart Sustainable Cities” took place as part of the cooperation between NU and the Embassy of the Netherlands in early April. Nazarbayev University students had the opportunity to listen to a talk by senior... Read More

“I think that situation with the Kazakh language, one generation from now, will be better”

2021, April 8

Today we will be talking with Professor Uli Schamiloglu, Chair of the Department of Kazakh language and Turkic studies at Nazarbayev University. The professor told us why he moved to Kazakhstan, how and when he got acquainted... Read More

GraNUates - 20 stories of NU alumni

Twenty alumni of Nazarbayev University have shared their stories in the GraNUates movie. They work and study all over the world - from Kazakhstan to Silicon Valley. But there is one common thing they all have - the status of a Graduate of their Alma mater - Nazarbayev University. The GraNUates movie covers only 20 inspiring stories, however, there are more than 5,000 of them accumulated within 10 years. These are stories about highly qualified professionals and young people who have graduated NU to further continue studying, doing research, building careers, opening and running businesses, developing the region they live and just helping people around. We hope that this movie helps you come closer to your dream! Make yourself comfortable and enjoy watching it!

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Shock waves: what will a Spanish ban mean for uranium mining in Europe?

Mining Technology
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From the classroom: An MBA in Kazakhstan

Study International
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This is the one feature the iPhone 13 desperately needs

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Why a PhD in Kazakhstan makes perfect sense for this petroleum researcher

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From Mexico to Kazakhstan: One teacher’s pursuit of a PhD in Education

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NU VLOG: New Master's Programs at Nazarbayev University

How to choose your Master degree program in the age of disruptive technologies and become a qualified specialist?
Check a video blog with our students about the top 5 new Master’s programs at Nazarbayev University. Our students will share why they want to work with big data, molecular medicine, aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering or petroleum engineering.
By the way, what program do you want us to tell you next? Please comment below this video, and we will cover them in the next episodes.

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