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2018, September 20 NU now

30 students of Nazarbayev University and Renmin University of China took part in Kazakhstan Youth Leadership Program

30 students of Nazarbayev University and Renmin University of China took part in Kazakhstan Youth Leadership Program

2018, September 20

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In the span of 22 days, from July 16 to August 5, 15 students from Nazarbayev University (hereinafter – NU) and 15 students from Renmin University of China (hereinafter – RUC) took part in the EYAS 2018 China-Kazakhstan Youth Leadership Program. 

The ultimate aim of this cultural exchange program was to foster an environment that would allow students not only to learn more about the other country’s culture but also to deepen their understanding of the other side’s perspectives on life. 30 future leaders attended a series of lectures, academic activities like Model SCO and Debates, teambuilding group activities and visiting cultural sites.

The first part of the program from July 16 to July 26 took place in two breathtakingly beautiful Chinese cities – Beijing and Suzhou. Students had the chance to enjoy the sightseeing and cultural sites of Beijing, just to name a few, such as the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, and the Great Wall. The academic part of the program included lectures by distinguished professors on Chinese policy-making, entrepreneurship, and international organizations. Model SCO required students to be able to critically analyze globally faced problems and represent the interests of their assigned countries. Students also got the chance to truly immerse themselves in Chinese culture through playing the national instrument guzheng, attending the kung fu show, a traditional tea ceremony as well as visited a water town Tongli.

From July 26 to August 5, The second part of the program was held in Astana and Burabay, where the students were introduced to the young capital of Kazakhstan, they visited such sightseeing sites as the Bayterek Monument, the Palace of Peace and Independence, the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan and more. The lectures given by the distinguished professors of NU were on the topics of international organizations, creativity, education, and self-marketing. NU students have also prepared a debating exercise with resolutions being closely connected to the main theme of EYAS 2018 – International Organizations. The activity required critical thinking and good argumentation skills, as well as communication within the group. RUC students also got the chance to immerse themselves in the culture of Kazakhstan by riding horses in the open field in Burabay, trying on the national Kazakh costumes and learning the national dance and playing dombra.

As a reminder, within the framework of Kazakhstan Youth Leadership Program for the second year students of various specialties of Nazarbayev University and the Renmin University of China have a great opportunity to make lifelong friends, deepen their understanding of each other’s countries and broaden their own perspective of life. In 2017 students of the RUC and NU visited Kazakhstan and China as part of a three-week cultural program.

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