“November Bloom” – Astana Ball 2019

The Astana Ball, a charitable ball organized annually by students of Nazarbayev University, was held in the atrium of NU. The Astana Ball serves to introduce the university community to this phenomenon which combines dance and networking with culture.  The Astana Ball’s organizers also hope that the event will inspire more students to participate in charitable endeavors.
The Astana Ball 2019 theme “November Bloom” was designed to convey through dancing and music the unforgettable atmosphere of autumn, a fresh breeze and the noise of rustling fallen leaves.
Last year, the university community who attended the Astana Ball raised about  232 000 tenge for donation within the framework of the iQanat social project.  The money raised in 2018,  was used to provide access to educational materials and wi-fi routers for students in regional schools.
This year, the plan is to donate the raised funds to the organization “Education for All”.  This organization runs a special educational center, and aims to contribute to the development of inclusive education in Kazakhstan.  Education for All helps to support children and youth with special needs by providing them with access to and opportunities for receiving quality education.