Commercial Services

IT and Library services

Nazarbayev University Library and IT Services Private Entity (NULITS) ensures implementation, maintenance and development of information systems, technologies and services to support organization’s processes. Additionally, Nazarbayev University Scientific Library employees offer trainings to university librarians across the country as part of a program called “Modern Technologies and Approaches in the Work of University Librarians”. Please send your questions and suggestions related to provision of service in IT and information and library area at: Here you can download a full list of IT and Library services.

Event Management

Private entity “University Service Management” offers business event management services of various levels in the comfortable halls, which are equipped in accordance with the latest requirements and standards of conference-services: modern-of-art conditioning and lighting systems, highly technological models of presentation equipment, such as projectors, systems of simultaneous interpretation and other technical equipment. There are halls for arranging coffee-breaks, business parties.
There are premises offered for leasing as follows:
• Conference halls;
• Offices for seminars;
• Atrium and halls (for exhibitions);
• Cafes;

Lease of Premises

Infrastructure of campus “Nazarbayev University” includes non-residential premises, designated for leasing with the aim of commercial use. The potential consumers of the goods, works and services, provided by the lessors of the premises within the campus, are not only the students, but international faculty members, employees and guests of the University.
Private entity “University Service Management” offers possible designated purposes of the premises lease within the campus as follows:
• Café;
• Pharmacy;
• Grocery stores;
• Copy center;
• Laundry;
• Beauty salon;
• Shoe repair/locksmith
• Medical center/dentist’s and etc.


Protocol on summing up the results of the competition Rent of premises for a mini-market Block 11

If you have any questions or suggestions for the organization of events, please contact