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2023, November 9 #NUgoesGLOBAL

NU and Sabanci University plan to launch student exchange in 2024

NU and Sabanci University plan to launch student exchange in 2024

2023, November 9

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Nazarbayev University (NU)  and Sabanci University, a prestigious institution located in Istanbul, Türkiye, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and a Student Exchange Agreement (SEA).

As part of the signed MoU, Nazarbayev University and Sabanci University agreed to cooperate in student and staff exchanges, joint research activities and exchange of publications, reports and other academic materials. It is expected that the established collaboration will not only enrich the academic experiences of students and faculty, but also contribute to the broader relationship between Kazakhstan and Turkiye.

Negotiations for this partnership began in March 2023, when employees of the Office of Global Relations took part in the annual education summit in Istanbul.

Sabanci University, established in 1996 as a private university in Istanbul, has three undergraduate and three graduate schools, with about 5400 students in total. The university’s English-language instruction and American-type curriculum make it attractive for overseas students and similar to Nazarbayev University. Currently, the institution hosts more than 500 international students and has collaborations with 239 universities across 53 countries.

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