The 5th Graduation Ceremony of Students took place at Nazarbayev University

On May 31 — June 1 the Nazarbayev University held the 5th Graduation Ceremony of Students. On May 31, the ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the Supreme Board of Trustees of Nazarbayev Intellectual schools, Nazarbayev University and Nazarbayev Fund, Yelbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev, who addressed the graduates of the University with a welcoming speech, congratulated them on finishing their studies, and personally awarded diplomas with honors to graduates who showed the best academic performance.

Yelbasy noted that “NU – Nazarbayev University” brand has become widely recognized not only in the world academic community, but also in the fields of public administration, business, medicine, innovation, and IT-technologies. In a short period of time, the University has become an educational institution for preparing professional staff, and developing national research projects. The main asset of the University, of course, is its intellectual potential: teachers, students, and management staff. The First President of Kazakhstan urged the graduates to take an active part in the life of the country and society.

In turn, Shigeo Katsu, President of Nazarbayev University, urged the graduates to choose the life path that has an opportunity to impact the development of society. “You, our graduating class of 2019, as well as your families, you all embody the same pioneer spirit that we saw in the first four cohorts from 2015 to 2018. Thank you very much! …. Regardless of the path that you are going to embark upon at the job market, in research, or further studies, I do hope that our university has provided you with state of the art tools to develop and enhance your skills and allow you to address the challenges of your chosen path more efficiently and effectively,” President Katsu said in his speech. He also noted that despite predictions on reduction of the labor market due to digitalization and automation of industries, there is still a place for a positive state of mind. The out-of-date professions will be replaced by new types of jobs, and many jobs of the future remain unknown today.

The second day the festive events continued at the University schools joined by guests including the graduates’ families.

This year, the University had 963 graduates, including 565 people with undergraduate degrees, 378 people with Master degrees, 14 medical doctors (MD) and 6 PhD graduates. The largest number of undergraduate students finished their studies at the School of Science and Technology (236 graduates); School of Engineering (152 graduates); School of Humanities and Social Sciences (149 graduates), and 28 graduates from the School of Medicine.

The Master programs had 82 graduates from the Graduate School of Business, 77 graduates from the Graduate School of Education, 49 graduates from the Graduate School of Public Policy, 19 graduates from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, 34 graduates from the School of Science and Technology, 70 graduates from the School of Engineering, 27 graduates from the School of Medicine, and 20 graduates from the School of Mining and Geosciences, which was this school’s first ever graduating cohort. The doctoral programs had 3 graduates from the Graduate School of Education and 3 graduates from the School of Engineering.

The Nazarbayev University schools provide education in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs, developed in partnership with leading universities from around the world, including universities in the US, the UK, Singapore, etc. In order to create an effective academic environment and to develop the country’s human capital, the best national and international researchers from different countries have been invited to the University. The Faculty of the University is comprised of 477 people from 53 countries (26% of them are Kazakh nationals). All professors of the University (11% of the Faculty) have a PhD degree, 35 Faculty members are “Bolashak” PhD scholarship program graduates.