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Nazarbayev University has more than 100 student-run clubs and organizations on campus in various areas of intellectual development including scientific and research activity, school-based clubs, creativity, entertainment, civic engagement, charity, culture, performing arts and sports.
Student clubs provide students with opportunities to put their ideas into action. Students are encouraged to complement their intellectual and leadership pursuits with self-directed programs that provide a bridge between their academic and extracurricular experiences.
There are many benefits to joining a student organization: making new friends, developing new skills and abilities, working as part of a team, learning to set and achieve goals, sharing time and talents, as well as having fun.


Education & Research

"Ideaspot" Leadership Camp

NU Business Club

NU VR/AR Society

IEEE EDS Student Chapter

Khan Academy Qazaq

Academic Support Club

NU History Club


IEEE NU Student Chapter

English Club

Accounting and Auditing Club

NU Eco-Vehicles Club

Space Club

IEEE Robotics Student Chapter

French Club

Alliance for Academic Life

NU Green Technologies & Innovations

NU Pre-Med Club

IEEE CAS Society Student Chapter

German Club

Economic Leaders Society

NU Green and Safe Campus Initiative student club

NU QazaqGeo Student Club

IEEE Computer Society Student Chapter

Japanese Language Club

NU Association of Political Science/International Relations Students

NU IET On Campus Group

ACSI NU Student Chapter

NU SPE Student Chapter

Mandarin Chinese Language Club

Programming for founders


ASCE Student Chapter at NU

NU SIAM Student Chapter

Turkish Club

Write To Say


NU Math Club

AIChE NU Student Chapter

NU SWE Student Chapter

Korean Club

Women Engineering Club

Association of World Languages and Literature Scholars

ACM Student Chapter


Spanish Club


Society of Mining Engineers

Sociology and Anthropology Students Association

ISPOR Student Chapter



NU Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society

NU Robotics Club

NU IMechE Student Chapter



NU Project Management Club

NU Science Cafe

NU ICE Student Chapter




Art & Culture

Black Rainbow

Fashion and Design

Modern Qazaq student club

NU Magic

Pottery Club

Comics Club

Graphic Designers Association

NU Art Studio Club

NU Poetry Club


Do It Yourself

Kazakh Stage

NU Cinema Lectures

NU Theater and Drama club


Ethno Club


NU Italian Club

NU Writers Club

Technical Creativity Club


Social & Student Development


Entrepreneurship Club (Graduate School of Business)

Entrepreneurship club


Speak On Club

Applicants Support Club

FLEX Alumni Community at NU

Green Society

NU SABRI (Student Association of Belt and Road Initiative)

Startup Community

Association of International Students

Ladies Health & Beauty

NU HMA (Healthcare Management Association)

NU Student Awards Committee

TEDx Nazarbayev University

BBB Society (Breaking Belief Barriers Society)

Legal Literacy Club

NU Innovations

NU Toastmasters Club

The Hub


MBA Consulting

NU Intellectual Games

NU Tourism

Youth Parliament

Children's Development Foundation


NU KFSA ( Kazakhstan Finance Society Association)

NU Volunteers Club

Youth Society for Education

Debate Club

Book Club

NU KIT club


Volunteers Club


Case Club

NU Leaders

Psychology Club



Cooking Club

NU LIFT (Ladies in Fellowship Together)

Rotaract Club of Nazarbayev University


Enactus Nazarbayev University

Eco&Vegetarian Club

NU Marketing Club

Sign Language Club



Entertainment & Media

"TAIMAS" creative group

DJing Club

Media Village

NU Movie Club


25th July Cinema

FOCUS: SHSS Magazine


NU Music Production

Piano Club

Acoustic Night

Geeks Club

Nazarbayev University Yearbook Club

NU Orchestra

Stand Up! Night


Guitar club

NU Acapella

NU People

The Tuesday Show

Astana Ball Organizing Team

Hip-Hop Club

NU Drums

NU Rockout

Young and Creative

BBX club

LCA club

NU Friends

NU Choir


Board Games

Live Music Club

NU Image

NU Viola

PR and Journalism Club



NU Ladies

NU Vocal Club




28 loops


Art for Charity

NU Charity Garage Sale Club

Friends for Life

NU Red Crescent Society


Sports & Dance

"Arnau" dance ensemble

K-pop Cover Dance Club

NU BJJ & Grappling club(for gentlemen)

NU Gymnastics Club

NU Yoga Club


Legion Club

NU Break Dance

NU Jiu-jitsu Ladies Club

Qiial Dance Club

Badminton Club

Nazarbayev University Football League

NU Cheerleaders Club

NU Lady Dance and Fit

Specific Dance School

Body Ballet

Nazarbayev University Table Tennis Club (NUTTC)

NU Chess Club

NU Latino Social Dance Club


Boxing Club

Nine Q

NU Contemporary Dance Club


Street Workout Beastmode


NU Aikido club

NU Dance Club

NU Rugby Club

Taekwondo club

ID studio

NU American Football Club

NU Flag Football

NU Runners Club

Tennis club

Judo Club

NU Ballroom Dance

NU Gym

NU Tri Club

Women`s Football Club