Student clubs

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Nazarbayev University has more than 100 student-run clubs and organizations on campus in various areas of intellectual development including scientific and research activity, school-based clubs, creativity, entertainment, civic engagement, charity, culture, performing arts and sports.
Student clubs provide students with opportunities to put their ideas into action. Students are encouraged to complement their intellectual and leadership pursuits with self-directed programs that provide a bridge between their academic and extracurricular experiences.
There are many benefits to joining a student organization: making new friends, developing new skills and abilities, working as part of a team, learning to set and achieve goals, sharing time and talents, as well as having fun.

Art and Culture


Nazarbayev University gives many opportunities and facilities for students to develop their art skills. There are all kinds of musical instruments – from piano to drumming system, students can play or learn to play at the NU. Students interested to join an art club can choose among the NU Art Studio, Drama Club, NU Student Choir, NU Orchestra, Vocal Club, Dance Club, and many others. Besides, students can join language clubs, where students may not only learn new language, but also learn more about different cultures.



Nazarbayev University encourages students to take full advantage of their university experience by joining education student clubs. There are abundant opportunities to participate at the school-based student clubs (Accounting and Auditing student club, Sociology and Anthropology Students Association, Robotics Club, Economic Leaders Society, Association of Political Science Students), international student chapters (SPE, ACM, AIChE, IEEE, SIAM, ISPOR), research oriented student clubs (iGEM, Eco-Vehicle Club, Green Technologies and Innovations club), academic mentorship clubs, etc.

Entertainment and Media


Many student clubs provide entertainment, organize and participate in NU students’ traditional events, such as Commencement party, NU Awards ceremony, Annual NU Ball, NU Superstar, Seniors’ concert, KVN, and etc. Students enjoy participating in different range of unique entertaining events, including Acoustic night music event, celebration of Kazakh Myth Fest, music and art club NU Perceptions and many more. Moreover, there is a university Radio Station, where students can broadcast their own shows, Basta student Newspaper, NU Image photographers club and on campus Cinema Theater.



The society of Nazarbayev University welcomes you to participate in wide range of charity clubs run by students and supported by the whole university community. Charity clubs frequently involved with organizing of on campus Food Fair, Garage sales, there is even a social café launched by students at the NU campus. Among charity clubs you may find Children’s Charity Club, the Red Crescent Society, Art for Charity student club, who contribute a lot and a make a valuable impact for those who are in need.

Student Development


Nazarbayev University has a broad array of student development organizations. In Student Development Clubs, every student can develop different aspects of personal and professional skills. For example, there is NU NOMAD debate club, running debates in 3 languages: Kazakh, English and Russian. NU Toastmasters Club empowering individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders. There are student clubs that facilitate a development of skills in business, consulting, problem-solving and critical thinking, such as, NU Case Club, NU Intellectual Club. Along with that, NU has a brilliant community of NU Volunteers, facilitating conduction of not only NU internal events, but also events on national level. There is diversity of clubs that contribute for the society development by running valuable projects, by providing a leadership opportunity (Youth Parliament, Enactus NU, AIESEC, NU LIFT, MUN and etc.)