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Uniting Young Leaders for a Sustainable Future

Uniting Young Leaders for a Sustainable Future

2023, September 29

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On September 28, Nazarbayev University hosted the Local Youth Conference on Climate Change in Kazakhstan (LCOY Kazakhstan 2023).

LCOY Kazakhstan 2023 holds significant importance as part of YOUNGO's mission, the official youth constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and SDSN Youth Kazakhstan. This annual conference serves as a platform for young leaders, researchers, and experts from across Kazakhstan to engage in meaningful dialogues and collaborative initiatives centered around climate change and sustainable development. The organizers of LCOY Kazakhstan 2023 included SDSN Youth Kazakhstan, the Office of Sustainable Development, SDSN Kazakhstan, the Graduate School of Public Policy, and the student club Green Society.

The conference provided a platform for panel discussions covering various topics, including "Climate Change in Kazakhstan," "Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on the Water Sector," "Local Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation," and "The Importance and Future Prospects of Mass Adoption and Utilization of Green and Sustainable Energy in Kazakhstan," among others. Additionally, the event featured an exhibition showcasing innovative green projects initiated by students, an inspiring art exhibition, and the "Climate Fresco" game, designed to enhance participants' understanding of climate change and its consequences.

LCOY Kazakhstan 2023 is a flagship event that aligns with the broader mission supported by SDSN Youth Kazakhstan and SDSN Kazakhstan. SDSN Youth Kazakhstan, a dynamic youth initiative, is committed to promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) among Kazakhstan's youth. Launched in June 2022 at Nazarbayev University, this initiative mirrors the university's dedication to sustainable development principles.

Mukhtar Amanbayuly, Coordinator of LCOY Kazakhstan 2023, emphasized, "We believe that the voice of youth is crucial in discussions on climate change. Currently, Central Asia, including Kazakhstan, is significantly affected by climate change consequences. Therefore, the more we discuss this global issue, the more informed young people will be, especially those who will shape future decision-making processes. We need more platforms for the exchange of ideas and experiences among young individuals."

Nazarbayev University actively promotes its Green Campus initiative, focusing on creating an environmentally sustainable campus through efficient resource utilization and reducing environmental impact. Additionally, the university hosts the Sustainability Living Lab program, offering essential support to innovative and research-driven projects within the university community, all aligned with sustainable development principles. This program empowers students and faculty to not only acquire knowledge and skills related to sustainable development but also to implement and test green initiatives in real-world contexts. Moreover, Nazarbayev University actively contributes to the efforts of SDSN Kazakhstan by integrating research and educational resources into the network's activities.

Madina Assetqyzy, a student of E. Buketov Karaganda State University, shared her experience: "The LCOY conference exceeded our expectations. It featured many engaging speakers who delved into the topic, provided valuable knowledge, and offered directions for further exploration. The conference provided opportunities to ask questions, engage in discussions, listen to diverse opinions, and deliberate during breaks."

One of the most notable achievements of LCOY Kazakhstan 2023 is the joint statement prepared by Kazakhstan's youth. This statement will be presented at the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 28) in Dubai, UAE, providing young voices with a unique opportunity to actively influence global climate change solutions.

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