Student electric car from Kazakhstan conquers Singapore

After months of hard work on a unique ultra-energy-efficient car in the Technopark Nazarbayev University, “NU Team” tested their car at one of the most prestigious student competitions in the world. The car was designed and assembled by the students of three Nazarbayev University Schools: School of Engineering, School of Science and Technology, School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Our young and gifted engineers took the 13th place in the category named “Prototype electric vehicle on an electric battery” at Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2018 in Singapore!

The Asian stage of the program pf ShellEco-marathon was held from 8th  to 11th  March as part of the four-day festival of ideas and innovations MaketheFuture Singapore.120 student teams from 18 countries of the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East tested their energy-efficient carsin an exciting race.

The NU Team car successfully passed a technical inspection demonstrating not only energy efficiency, but also its driver’s road craft.Futuristic design of the car and its driver Tamila Talasbayeva were a prime focus of media.The team used different driving tactics and every time improved the indicators of energy consumption.

This project allowed students to develop technical skills, as well as gain experience in administration and management.The participants were greatly supported by Shell in Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev University, NURIS and Nazarbayev University Social Development Fund.The participation of NU Team cleared the way for the next generation of students.

We congratulate the NU Team on the successful passage of the marathon, on participation in such a large-scale event, as well as on the honorary title of the team of students who presented the Republic of Kazakhstan at the international competition Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2018 in Singapore!

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