More than 1800 civil servants and managers of national companies were trained in key skills of public administration and communications

From the very launch, Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Public Policy has trained more than 1800 civil servants of central and local executive bodies and managers of national companies. The Graduate School of Public Policy now offers special courses such as “Special Retraining Courses”, “Head of the new formation”, etc.

The purpose of the programs is to develop the practical skills of senior managers for effective management and to face the new challenges of the time.

The programs include strategic sessions, interactive discussions, trainings, case studies, small group work, etc.

Iftikhar Lodhi, Associate professor at the Graduate School of Public Policy, one of the trainers, notes that even in a short period of training the officials manage to find answers to their questions, to look at the situation from a different perspective, and to immediately apply the gained knowledge in practice.

“I gave the participants a task, I said: “You are the akim of the city, you need to implement a new street lights policy”. Then I asked them if they had interested in how did local people feel about the policy they had implemented. In most cases, they give an answer based on their opinion, not people. As a result, citizens will always be unsatisfied with such a unilateral decision of the akimat. I noticed a general pattern in the behavior of Kazakh civil servants – the majority have a feeling that “whatever they do, it will be negatively perceived by people”, – said Professor Lodhi.

As a result, he said, communication vacuums often turn into discontent and scandals, especially in social networks. However, this shows a low level of communication when people need to complain loudly to make their opinions heard.

Iftikhar Lodhi also shared his observation that Kazakh civil servants are united by great enthusiasm and desire to do something, but almost everyone, according to the scientist, lacks patience.

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