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Darkhan Medeuov darkhan.medeuov@nu.edu.kz

I received a bachelor degree from Kazakh National University and a master degree from Saint-Petersburg State University. Currently, I am finishing a PhD at Leipzig University.

Darkhan Medeuov
Aigerim Yergabulova aigerim.yergabulova@nu.edu.kz

Aigerim Yergabulova joined the Graduate School of Business as a Postdoctoral Scholar in October 2021. She received her PhD in Economics from KU Leuven, Belgium. Her research intere...

Aigerim Yergabulova
Alessandro Salustri alessandro.salustri@nu.edu.kz

I am a Cardiologist with main interest in Clinical Cardiology and Cardiac Imaging. I am Board certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, with a PhD in "Stress echocard...

Alessandro Salustri
Yeltay Rakhmanov

Dr. Yeltay Rakhmanov obtained a medical doctor’s degree from Western Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University in 2008. He started a career as a University Lectur...

Yeltay Rakhmanov
Bakhtiyar Orazbayev

Bakhtiyar Orazbayev received the Specialist in Physics degree from the People’s Friendship University of Russia (RUDN), Moscow, Russia, in 2011. After, he received MS and Ph.D. d...

Bakhtiyar Orazbayev
Ellina Mun

A Ph.D. level scientist with an 8+ research experience in Chemistry/Pharmacy. Having accomplished my Ph.D. at the Reading School of Pharmacy (UK) with a Polymer Chemistry backgroun...

Ellina Mun
Lisa Lim lisa.lim@nu.edu.kz

Policy Communication -Social media in policy communication/ The effect of using social media in governments -Public policy and social media/ How does social media influe...

Lisa Lim
Basman Elhadidi basman.elhadidi@nu.edu.kz

Graduated from Aeronautical Engineering, Cairo University in 1995. Awarded two master degrees, first at Cairo University in the area of modeling indoor air flows in mechanically ve...

Basman Elhadidi
Matthew Heeney matthew.heeney@nu.edu.kz
Matthew Heeney
Andrey Tkachenko andrey.tkachenko@nu.edu.kz
Andrey Tkachenko
Matvey Lomonosov matvey.lomonosov@nu.edu.kz
Matvey Lomonosov
James Hutchinson james.hutchinson@nu.edu.kz
James Hutchinson
Rajarshi Bhowal rajarshi.bhowal@nu.edu.kz
Rajarshi Bhowal
Snezhana Atanova snezhana.atanova@nu.edu.kz
Snezhana Atanova
Andrey Melnikov andrey.melnikov@nu.edu.kz
Andrey Melnikov
Olga Isupova olga.isupova@nu.edu.kz
Olga Isupova
Eugene Ponomarev eugene.ponomarev@nu.edu.kz
Eugene Ponomarev
Changhong Gao changhong.gao@nu.edu.kz

Books: 2019 Petroleum Production Technology. Science Press Beijing 2017 Petroleum Drilling Technology. Science Press Beijing

Changhong Gao
Azam Soltani azam.soltani@nu.edu.kz

With a background in applied mineralogy and geochemistry, Azam has expertise in conducting petrological, mineral deposits, and environmental research. She is seeking opportunities ...

Azam Soltani
Dinara Pisareva dinara.pisareva@nu.edu.kz

Comparative Politics, Democratization, Protest Movements, Political ViolenceTeachingComparative Democratization, Political Violence, Research Design and Method, Introduction to Int...

Dinara Pisareva
Azamat Yeshmukhanmetov azamat.yeshmukhametov@nu.edu.kz

Robotics, Robot design, CAD modeling, Robot dynamics and kinematics, Tensegrity robot, continuum robot, Agricultural robot, Microcontrollers and microprocessors, Soft robotics and ...

Azamat Yeshmukhanmetov
Aiman Moldasheva

Aiman Moldasheva graduated from University of Toronto with Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology and Biomedical toxicology in 2016. She did her bachelor thesis at the Structural ...

Aiman Moldasheva
Zarema Khon zarema.khon@nu.edu.kz
Zarema Khon
Clifford Frasier clifford.frasier@nu.edu.kz

Dr. Clifford Frasier is an Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Public Policy, Nazarbayev University. Prior to joining the faculty, he served as Visiting Assistant Profes...

Clifford Frasier
Gabriele Lattanzio gabriele.lattanzio@nu.edu.kz

Dr. Lattanzio is an Assistant Professor at the Nazarbayev University in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.Dr. Lattanzio's research interests are in empirical corporate finance and financial e...

Gabriele Lattanzio
Sabina Insebayeva sabina.insebayeva@nu.edu.kz
Sabina Insebayeva
Mustafa Karatas

Mustafa Karataş received his Ph.D. in Business Administration with concentration in Marketing from Koç University, Turkey. Dr. Karataş holds M.S. and B.S. degrees in Management ...

Mustafa Karatas
Nikolai Barlev nikolai.barlev@nu.edu.kz

We are interested in deciphering the molecular mechanisms that drive carcinogenesis and metastasis. We are particularly focused on the role of p53, which is deemed as the major tum...

Nikolai Barlev
Ahmet Aypay ahmet.aypay@nu.edu.kz
Ahmet Aypay
Hans Lal hans.lal@nu.edu.kz

Qualifications: PGCE, Plymouth University, 2001-2002 MEd (TEFL) Exeter University, 2002-2003 MA Communication Studies, Sheffield Hallam University, 2005-2010

Hans Lal
David Fryatt david.fryatt@nu.edu.kz

Qualifications: BA History, Queen Mary College, 1977-1980 MA Education Applied Linguistics, Open University, 2008-2012

David Fryatt
Fatih Thompson fatih.thompson@nu.edu.kz

BA Near Eastern Studies, University of Washington, 2004-2008 MA TESOL, University of Washington, 2014-2016 MA International Studies, University of Washington, 2016-2018

Fatih Thompson
Galymzhan Koishiyev gkoishiyev@nu.edu.kz

BSc Physics, Kazakh National University, 2001-2005 MS and PhD in Physics, Colorado State University, 2005-2010

Galymzhan Koishiyev
George Kovacevic george.kovacevic@nu.edu.kz

Qualifications: BA Massey University, 2006-2008 Postgraduate Diploma Arts, Massey university, 2009 MA TESOL, University of Auckland, 2013 

George Kovacevic
Fiona Lal fiona.lal@nu.edu.kz

Qualifications: BA English Literature, Open University, 2004-2007 Diploma in TESOL, Oxford TEFL, 2009 MA Applied Linguistics, Open University, 2008-2012

Fiona Lal
Bakhyt Aubakirova bakhyt.aubakirova@nu.edu.kz
Bakhyt Aubakirova
Andrew David Cooper andrew.cooper@nu.edu.kz

Qualifications: BSc Math and Management, University of Manchester, 1980-1983 PGCE, University of Worcester, 1987-1988 MA Education, Open University, 2001-2005 BSC Maths/Statistics,...

Andrew  David Cooper
Subramanian Venkat subban.venkat@nu.edu.kz

Venkat Subramanian is an Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Strategy at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business. Previously, he had faculty appointments at the U...

Subramanian Venkat
Anara Zhumadilova azhumadilova@nu.edu.kz

EDUCATION 10/09-11/09  Teaching training: “Innovative technologies in medical education”, University of Miami, US 3/07-4/07  Scientific training: &l...

Anara Zhumadilova
Marek Jochec marek.jochec@nu.edu.kz

Before joining Nazarbayev University, Marek was a professor of Finance at ISCTE Business School in Portugal, visiting professor at School of Commerce, University of Otago, New Zeal...

Marek Jochec
Amy Golden amy.golden@nu.edu.kz

Qualifications: Master of Arts in English, SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY, 1998 - 2000 Bachelor of Arts in English and French, TEXAS CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY, 1991 - 1995

Amy Golden
Manat Mustafa manat.mustafa@nu.edu.kz

Dr. Manat Mustafa received his Ph.D. in mathematics from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in 2012 in Almaty. He is currently an assistant professor at the Department of Mat...

Manat Mustafa
Alisa Neufeldt alisa.neufeldt@nu.edu.kz

Qualifications: Linguistics, Moscow State Linguistics University, 1999-2001 Bachelors in Geography, San Diego State University, 2002-2005 MEd Teaching English, Point Loma Nazarene ...

Alisa Neufeldt
Jane Hoelker jane.hoelker@nu.edu.kz

Jane Hoelker has taught in the U.S., China, Rwanda, Mali, Japan, Korea, the U.A.E., Qatar and India where she was an English Language Fellow with the U.S. State Department. She...

Jane Hoelker
Jeffrey Carney jeffrey.carney@nu.edu.kz

Jeffrey Carney earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Vassar College and a master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Illinois-Chicago, where he...

Jeffrey Carney
Kirk Peterson kirk.peterson@nu.edu.kz

I am an instructor, Renton City Council member and Vice President of Seattle Pride. Renton, WA

Kirk Peterson