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What does NUFYP mean?

NUFYP (Nazarbayev University Foundation Year Program) – a one year intensive program at the Center for Preparatory Studies of Nazarbayev University. The program provides intensive  personal development, study skills, mathematics, and academic language proficiency preparation to the undergraduate programs of Nazarbayev University. Education under “Nazarbayev University” state grant, as well as education on a fee-paying basis are available for this program. Following the results of study at NUFYP, Nazarbayev University Schools accept students for further education at the undergraduate programs.


If I am a 10th grade student, can I apply to NUFYP?

No, you cannot. Only final year students and graduates of secondary/post-secondary educational organizations can take part in the competition for admission to NUFYP. In other words, to participate in the competition for admission to NUFYP, you must be a student of a final grade/course or have graduated from a school or postsecondary educational organization. In order to confirm their status applicants provide a verification letter from the school (spravka) or school Diploma. 

Is it possible to combine studies at high school and NUFYP at Nazarbayev University?

Combining studies is not possible. At the time of admission and study at NU, a student of NUFYP must be a graduate of a secondary/post-secondary educational organization. NUFYP is a full-time program.

What is the language of instruction at Nazarbayev University?

The language of instruction at Nazarbayev University is English.

Is it required to take the Unified National Test (UNT) to apply to Nazarbayev University?

UNT is not considered while applying to Nazarbayev University. IELTS/TOEFL/Linguaskill and NUET test results will be considered in the competition for admission in 2023. Exams are conducted in English. Information about NUET can be found here


What is the average score of the Diploma for admission to Nazarbayev University?

When applying to Nazarbayev University, Diploma scores and the “Altyn belgi” medal are not taken into account. IELTS/TOEFL/Linguaskill and NUET test results will be considered in the competition for admission in 2023. Information about NUET can be found here.


What are the stages of the NUFYP competition?

The selection process to NUFYP consists of the following stages:

  1. Stage I – online application of the applicants (September-November);
  2. Stage II – entrance exam (February - March); 
  3. Stage III – consideration of applicants’ files, who received required scores in stage II and corresponding English test scores (April-May);
  4. Sending notifications about admission to applicants in accordance with the ranking, which is compiled based on received scores (May-July)*;
  5. Submission of original documents for enrollment (upon request of the Admissions Department, June-July).

*Applicants from the waiting list may receive an admission offer as vacant places become available (due to other applicants’ refusals) until the start of the classes. 

If an applicant has required minimum passing scores in the entrance exams, it does not guarantee automatic admission to the NUFYP and receiving the grant. An applicant participates in the competition for the award of the state grant according to the number allocated annually by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Quotas for other grants are determined by the University. 

Information about entry examinations can be found here


What is the sequence of actions for admission to NUFYP?

To participate in the competition, an applicant should complete the following:

  1. Online application at the portal and creation of a Personal account;
  2. Application fee payment (non-refundable);
  3. Filling out the application form and submission of the required documents;
  4. Completion of the application process by clicking the “SUBMIT APPLICATION” button;
  5. IELTS/TOEFL/Linguaskill results submission;
  6. Further steps. Please be advised to check the email indicated in the application form to receive important information from the Admissions Department and Personal account in order to track the status of the application.

What is the application fee during the application process to NUFYP?

The application fee to NUFYP is 3000 tenge. This amount is non-refundable. Application fee is paid online via the applicant’s Personal account. Application fee payment through bank transfer is not acceptable.

Where is the application form for the NUFYP?

Go to portal, press the “Sign up” button and fill out the required information in English. Applicants need to select an undergraduate program in the list of appeared programs and then select the Foundation program.

Is it necessary to fill out the application form within one day?

No, the application form can be filled in several times  before the deadline for online application. In this case, every time you enter new  data you should save it by clicking on the “Save” button. The application form you created will be saved in your Personal account with the date and time of the last changes. Next time, returning to filling out, you need to select a saved form, not to create a new one. When the application form is complete, make sure to click on the “Upload” button.  

Are Linguaskill results considered in the competition and where can I take the test?

Yes, Linguaskill results are considered in the competition. The test can be taken multiple times in any region at a Test Center which is an official Linguaskill test organizer, on a condition that the test is taken in person at a Test Center (not remotely). Learn more about test registration at UStudy here.

How to submit Linguaskill results?

To send results to Nazarbayev University via the Test Center with confirmation that the test was taken in person at the Test Center (not remotely) and upload results to the Personal account.

How to submit IELTS/TOEFL results?

If the score meets the minimum requirements, applicants need to within the specified time:

  • To order an electronic version of the certificate. The certificate must be sent to Nazarbayev University from the Test administrator (British Council, ETS, etc.) 

Comment: When registering for the IELTS/TOEFL test, an applicant can specify several universities to send electronic certificate results. By specifying the code “Nazarbayev University” for IELTS and “6762” for TOEFL, you can order sending to Nazarbayev University. Each certificate has a serial number, which is used by universities to verify the accuracy of the results. If an applicant has not indicated a free electronic delivery to NU before passing the IELTS/TOEFL exam, then ordering the certificate to the University is processed on a paid basis by contacting the Test center. 

  • To upload the certificate data and its scanned copy to the “Upload IELTS/TOEFL results” section of your NU Personal account. After entering the TRF/Appointment number, other details are filled automatically. If details did not appear automatically, you have one of the following errors: 1) Official electronic results were not received by NU from the Test administrator, 2) Mistake in application, 3) Mistake in certificate. Important: there is no need to send a scanned copy of the certificate to the University email address or the hard copy by post. 

IELTS Online, TOEFL iBT Home Edition and TOEFL PDT results are not considered in the competition.

All provided certificates must be valid by August 1, 2023.

The deadline for IELTS/TOEFL certificate provision is available on the website.


Is there Superscoring for IELTS/TOEFL/Linguaskill?

No, Superscoring (using the highest scores in all examination sections of two or more certificates to obtain the highest overall score) is not used for IELTS/TOEFL/Linguaskill. But you can submit as many certificates as you wish for the competition  before the approved deadline. Please note that the last submitted/uploaded certificate will be considered in the competition and the previous data will be deleted.

What is the period for providing an additional IELTS/TOEFL/Linguaskill certificate?

The period for providing additional IELTS/TOEFL/Linguaskill certificates will be available in the “Important dates” section on the website

Will IELTS be conducted at Nazarbayev University’s expenses?

The IELTS exam held at the expense of Nazarbayev University is not envisaged. Within the framework of the competition applicants should independently take and provide IELTS/TOEFL/Linguaskill results before the specified deadline in order to be invited to NUET.

Can I provide SAT results and skip NUET?

SAT is not considered for admission to the NUFYP on the state grant.

What is NUET?

NUET (Nazarbayev University Entrance Test) – a standardized admission examination developed by the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing which tests Mathematics and Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Information about NUET is available here.

Where can I find preparation materials for NUET?

To find preparation materials for NUET, please visit our website. Preparation materials for NUET have also been published on the Center for Preparatory Studies website.

What is more important while applying: IELTS/TOEFL/Linguaskill or NUET scores?

Applicants will be ranked first by NUET scores and then by IELTS/TOEFL/Lianguaskill.

How are students with identical NUET and IELTS/TOEFL/Linguaskill scores considered for admission?

First, the Admission Committee considers subscores of NUET. If the overall score is equal, the priority will be given to applicants with the highest scores in “Mathematics”. Then IELTS/TOEFL/Linguaskill results are considered. If the overall score of the language test is equal, the priority will be given to applicants with the highest scores in sections in the following priority - writing, reading, speaking, listening.

Who are members of the Admissions Committee?

The composition of the Admissions Committee may include the representatives of partner universities and University staff members, including representatives of the University Schools.

When will the competition results be released?

The first results of the NUFYP competition will be available in May. Applicants located at the top of the ranking based on exam results will receive admission offers to Nazarbayev University. The number of state grants is determined by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Applicants who received the required exam scores but did not receive an offer will remain in the waiting list. Upon release of grants, applicants from the waiting list will move up to vacant places in accordance with their ranking. For this reason, admission offers will be sent till the beginning of the studies.

How many grants are there for NUFYP?

550 state grants were allocated in 2022. The number of state grants is determined by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is published annually around May. Grants are distributed according to applicants’ ranking, which depends on the scores of entry exams - the higher score an applicant has at entry exams, the greater chances he/she has to receive the grant.

How to enroll in NUFYP on a fee-paying basis?

Applicants from the one of the following categories can participate in the competition for NUFYP on a fee-paying basis:

  1. those who register on the portal and independently passed IELTS/TOEFL/Linguaskill and SAT/ACT with results meeting the minimum admission requirements of the Program;
  2. those who took part in the selection process of the current year for state educational grants and were included in the waiting list without receiving a grant;

Detailed information is available in the “Enrollment of fee-paying basis” section at the website.

How many places are there for admission on a fee-paying basis?

In 2022 there were 50 seats.

Who is considered for admission on a fee-paying basis first: applicants who applied to NUFYP on a fee-paying basis or applicants from the waiting list for the grant?

The priority will be given to those who applied for admission to NUFYP on a fee-paying basis. If there are available places, applicants who are in the waiting list for grants will be offered to participate in the competition on a fee-paying basis.

Can I apply for 2 programs - NUFYP and undergraduate?

Applicants can apply for  two programs simultaneously. But if an applicant accepts an admission offer to one program, he/she will be excluded from the competition of another program.

If I apply for NUFYP and undergraduate programs and receive an admission offer from one of the programs, will I be automatically excluded from the other program competition?

An applicant can receive an admission offer either from one or two programs.  In the latter case, you will need to make a choice. When an applicant accepts an admission offer of one program, it will be considered as rejection of participation in another program competition, and he will be excluded from the competition of the second program automatically. 

If I applied for NUFYP and Undergraduate programs, can I choose between these programs, if I receive an admission offer of both programs?

Yes, you should make a choice between two programs. However, since the results come out at different times, you may need to choose the program in advance, since applicants accept admission offer of one program, they are excluded from the competition of another program.

Should I pass IELTS or NUET after completion of NUFYP in order to progress to Undergraduate programs?

After the completion of courses indicated in the Curriculum, you will take final exams conducted by the Center for Preparatory Studies and based on the final results you will be progressed to the undergraduate program of your choice.

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