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Anara Abbay Instructor ·
Anara Abbay
Zhanar Abdigapbarova Assistant Professor ·

Zhanar Abdigapbarova is an assistant professor at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Nazarbayev University. Zhanar is a graduate of the Kazakh National University name...

Zhanar Abdigapbarova
Ernazar Abdikamalov Assistant Professor ·
Ernazar Abdikamalov
Uldana Abdikarim Teaching Assistant ·
Uldana Abdikarim
Yerkin Abdildin Assistant Professor ·

Decision Analysis Risk Analysis Computational Science with a particular interest in applications to energy systems, biomechanical systems, financial systems, ...

Yerkin Abdildin
Laila Abdimanapova Junior Researcher ·
Laila Abdimanapova
Ondassyn Abdrakhmanov Teaching Assistant ·
Ondassyn Abdrakhmanov
Madina Abdrakhmanova Teaching Assistant ·
Madina Abdrakhmanova
Kanat Abdulla Postdoctoral scholar ·
Kanat Abdulla
Azat Abdullayev Postdoctoral scholar ·
Azat Abdullayev
Davlatbek Abduvaliyev Assistant Professor ·

Davlat Abduvali is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business. Dr. Abduvali is a finance professional with more than fifteen years of ac...

Davlatbek Abduvaliyev
Berdakh Abibullaev Assistant Professor ·

Dr. Berdakh Abibullaev received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electronic engineering from Yeungnam University, South Korea in 2006, and 2010,  respectively. He held research scie...

Berdakh Abibullaev
Aliya Abilmazhinova Junior Researcher ·
Aliya Abilmazhinova
Samal Abzhanova Instructor ·
Samal Abzhanova
Desmond Adair Associate Professor ·
Desmond Adair
Yermek Adayeva Instructor ·
Yermek Adayeva
Ilesanmi Adesida Provost ·

Professor Ilesanmi Adesida is a successful scientist/engineer and an experienced administrator in both scientific and educational circles. Prior to his appointment at Nazarbayev Un...

Ilesanmi Adesida
Bimal Adhikari Assistant Professor ·
Bimal Adhikari
Aidos Adilkhanov Junior Researcher ·
Aidos Adilkhanov
Salimgerey Adilov Head of Laboratory, Senior Researcher ·
Salimgerey Adilov
Assistant Professor ·
Anvar Adylov Teaching Assistant ·
Anvar Adylov
Zhazira Agabekova Assistant Professor ·

Zhazira Agabekova holds a Candidate of philological sciences degree in Turkic languages from A. Baytursynuly Institute of Linguistics at NAS RK.Zhazira worked as a teacher, senior...

Zhazira Agabekova
Maria Jesus Agrelo Lareo  Instructor ·
Maria Jesus Agrelo Lareo 
Mohammad Ahmad
Mohammad Ahmad
Gulzhanat Aimagambetova Assistant Professor ·
Gulzhanat Aimagambetova
Azamat Aimaganbetov Teaching Assistant ·
Azamat Aimaganbetov
Berik Aimbetov Junior Researcher ·
Berik Aimbetov
Halit Dundar Akarca Assistant Professor ·
Halit Dundar Akarca
Bakyt Akbuzauova Instructor ·

In 1985, Bakyt Akbuzauova has graduated from philology department of Kazakh National University named after S.M. Kirov with distinction. Bakyt Akbuzauova received her PhD in Kazakh...

Bakyt Akbuzauova
Onajomo Akemu Assistant Professor ·

I study the question: how do managers of entrepreneurial firms make strategic decisions that impact their organizations and broader sets of stakeholders of the organization? My res...

Onajomo Akemu
Akbobek Akhmedyarova Teaching Assistant ·
Akbobek Akhmedyarova
Ainur Akhmetova Researcher ·
Ainur Akhmetova
Instructor ·
Gulnur Akhtanova Junior Researcher ·
Gulnur Akhtanova
Associate Professor ·
Dana Akilbekova
Dana Akilbekova
Ainur Akilzhanova Head of Laboratory ·
Ainur Akilzhanova
Mikhail Akulov Assistant Professor ·
Mikhail Akulov
Birzhan Akynkozhayev Instructor ·
Birzhan Akynkozhayev
Alexander Alekseev Leading Researcher ·
Alexander Alekseev
Md Hazrat Ali Assistant Professor ·
Md Hazrat Ali
Syed Ali Associate Professor ·
Syed Ali
Raushan Alibekova Instructor ·
Raushan Alibekova
Dauren Alimbetov Leading Researcher ·
Dauren Alimbetov
Dana Alina Postdoctoral scholar ·
Dana Alina
Nazym Alipbayeva Teaching Assistant ·
Nazym Alipbayeva