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NAC Analytica Corporate Fund is a subsidiary of Nazarbayev University since 2018.
NAC Analytica CF was established in March 2018 by the decision of the Managing council of the autonomous organization of education Nazarbayev University No.06.03.18 dated March 6, 2018.
1) carrying out scientific and research works, including applied and/or fundamental scientific research;
2) conducting research of the social and economic policy, monetary policy and financial sector, including macroeconomic modeling and framework;
3) surveying the socio-political situation, socio-economic development, business climate and economic environment;
4) networking with organizations, including foreign institutions and individuals in order to reach the established goals;
5) other activities not prohibited by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

University Medical Center 

University Medical Center (UMC)  is a part of an integrated academic healthcare system of Nazarbayev University. It was established in September 2015 on the basis of the former three National Medical Holding clinics – the Republic Diagnostic Center, the National Research Center for Maternal and Child Health and  the Republican Children’s Rehabilitation Center.

Educational Excellence Center

The Educational Excellence Center (EEC) aims to provide additional academic support to NU students, staff and general public through services and resources that allow them to successfully achieve their academic goals and complete their degree programs. The core areas of EEC are the organization of language training courses (English, Russian, Kazakh, etc.), preparatory courses for standardized tests, pre-Master’s program, advising and consulting services for students applying to universities abroad, professional development programs for educators and an official test center to administer standardized tests. EEC is working together with all NU Schools and departments in administering the programs and contribute to achieving academic excellence. 

National Laboratory Astana

The private institution «National Laboratory Astana» (NLA) was established in 2015, under the aegis of Nazarbayev University and Kazakstani government.
The main goal of the institution is carrying out multidisciplinary basic and/or applied research in the field of life sciences, energy, and other interdisciplinary areas of science, as well as activities to establish a scientific laboratory, experimental bases, centers, institutes for the development and implementation of scientific and technical, educational programs and training.

Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System

 The private institution “Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System” was established by the autonomous organization of education “Nazarbayev University”. The main goal is the development of national innovational system through creating the mass of knowledge-based and high-tech companies, new technologies and knowledge around University, as well as achievement of synergy between science, business, and state for activation of innovational activity. The vision by 2025 to create an innovational environment and infrastructure (ecosystem), which facilitates the development of Innovational Entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan. 

Social Development Fund

Corporate Fund “Social Development Fund” was established by autonomous organization of education “Nazarbayev University”. It is a non-profit organization in the legal form of a foundation. The Fund was established to provide free material, financial, organizational and other support to the University and its organizations in order to help them in achieving their goals through provision of property generated by the Fund on the basis of voluntary contributions and other revenues that are not prohibited by law.

Nazarbayev University Library and IT services

 “Nazarbayev University Library and IT Services” (NULITS) Private Entity is the subsidiary of Nazarbayev University, which was established in 2011. The Entity’s main aim is to deliver IT support and Library management services. The major functions of NULITS include: maintenance and development of University IT infrastructure, informatization of University activity and information security, provision of Library information resources and services for University community, and Library collection development.

       University Service Management

University Service Management (USM) was established in August 2010. The primary functions of USM are as follows: management of the university’s infrastructure including academic, research and administration facilities; arrangement of the accommodation for students, faculty, employees and guests of the University; workplace organization; development of the service infrastructure on the University campus; security provision on the university campus; provision of  transport services; management of sports facilities.

 Facility Construction Directorate

Facility Construction Directorate (FCD) was established in August 2010. The main goal of FCD is management of construction-investment projects of Nazarbayev University. FCD provides engineering services in architectural, urban planning and construction activities and serves as a representative of construction-investment projects of Nazarbayev University, its subsidiaries and other organizations.