Welcome to Nazarbayev University and your Orientation week!

Orientation is a period for introduction to the NU academic life. It will help you to become familiar with resources and processes that are essential for your success.

Follow the schedule, don’t miss sessions and constantly check your emails to stay tuned.



For communication with faculty and other members of the NU Community you will need a corporate email – please visit https://mail.google.com/ and login using credentials sent to your personal email earlier.

During the learning process, you will need access to the following information systems and resources:

Corporate PCs  – all domain computers of the University;

https://moodle.nu.edu.kz  – is a University electronic course management system (virtual learning environment). LMS Moodle is utilized by students and faculty in order to perform such tasks as an exchange of files, audio and video data,messaging, chat activities, forums, online quizzes and etc.;

https://registrar.nu.edu.kz – is an automated information system designed to automate the academic and internal processes of the University in terms of coordination, studying in the disciplines taught, registering all of their and academic disciplines throughout the training period;

https://library.nu.edu.kz – electronic resources of the Nazarbayev University Library;

https://my.nu.edu.kz – student portal;

https://prs.nu.edu.kz – you can recover password using the Password Recovery Service.

Learn more here how to login to these information systems and resources.

Here you can find answers to your questions related to IT resources.

For some of the sessions you will need Zoom – please download and install it.



Before the start of Orientation week, you will be invited to the Welcome address of the leadership of the University on August 4th at 3pm. Check your email for invitations.