The Second international conference “Exploring the Energetic Universe 2019”

The Second international conference “Exploring the Energetic Universe 2019” opened at Nazarbayev University today. The Energetic Cosmos Laboratory organized the conference, supported by the International Science and Technology center. Researchers from the US, Italy, Norway, Great Britain, Korea, Kazakhstan, India, Japan, Uzbekistan and Russia will take part in the conference. The conference’s program committee was chaired by George F. Smoot, winner of a Nobel Prize in Physics, and the founder and director of the Energetic Cosmos Laboratory at NU. 

The conference began with a discussion of the fundamental problems of astrophysics and cosmology. The organizers noted that new technological developments have greatly increased the number of discoveries in space, and the number of recent discoveries have broken records of previous decades.   These technological developments include such things as new means of diagnostics and registration of signals from space based on quantum detectors (including ultra-low temperatures conditions), computer science, and computational mathematics. The process of discovery has also been facilitated by the accelerated exploration of near-Earth space.

“There have been a lot of interesting discoveries in astrophysics lately: e.g. gravitational waves, just recently, the world received the first in the history of mankind a photographic image of a black hole. This is really great that Kazakhstan is also contributing to the development of space research. We at Nazarbayev University managed to establish close international cooperation with the Berkeley laboratory (USA), research centers of France and Hong Kong. The task of our laboratory is to actively involve Kazakh youth in these studies”, – said Dr. George Smoot, Head of the Energetic Cosmos Laboratory of NU.

“Space science is one of the promising innovative directions for Kazakhstan. And our center also supported the holding of this conference as an opportunity to share knowledge and experience in this field”, – said David Cleave, Executive Director of the International Science and Technology Center.

The conference serves as a platform for interaction of specialists in the field of cosmology and astrophysics, not only strengthening existing areas of cooperation between universities and research centers of Kazakhstan and CIS countries, but also in developing of new areas of collaboration.  

About the Energetic Cosmos Laboratory:

The Energetic Cosmos Laboratory was founded at Nazarbayev University in 2016 as an international research center under the leadership of Professor George F. Smoot. The main activities of the laboratory include cryogenic setup for MKIDS detectors and other cryogenic sensors, fast bursts; multi-band optical telescope experiments to measure gamma bursts and other transients; ultra-fast astronomical instruments, as well as cosmology theory and data analysis.