Science is My Choice

The Alliance of Young Researchers in partnership with NURIS and Nazarbayev University organized the First Youth Research Forum “Science is My Choice”.  The forum was attended by 200 young scientists, researchers, representatives of Kazakh universities, research institutes, international organizations, and government agencies.

“Last year we presented the Alliance at Nazarbayev University as a platform for cooperation of young researchers. We have now a team of 200 researchers from universities and organizations from Kazakhstan, Japan, France, USA, UK, and the Netherlands. Within a year we became a platform for networking of young scientists,” said Asiya Yermagambetova, Chair of the Alliance of young researchers.

The event was dedicated to the Year of youth in Kazakhstan. Speakers used the TEDx format to share their experiences in research and innovation.  Their talks highlighted a variety of important issues for young researchers, and attempted to answer such questions as what are the various tools needed create research culture, how can researchers encourage interdisciplinary dialogue, and what other ways can young scientists in Kazakhstan build the support networks they need for success.

About the Alliance for young scientists: The Alliance of Young Reseаrсhers is a public association, created in 2018 through the initiative of young scientists of Nazarbayev University. Currently, its membership includes 200 researchers from Nazarbayev University, other Kazakhstani universities and research organizations, and international universities in Asia, Europe and North America.