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2020, April 17 NU now

"Quarantine" mode. NU in a real time

2020, April 17

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Despite the state of emergency and the introduction of quarantine, the NU community continues to be active in both research and public outreach. But now, we have transitioned to working online.

Today, all departments, schools and research centers of NU are actively working to offer training, information, and other necessary services online.  Thanks to the Internet, the NU Admissions Department continues to hold meetings and consultations with applicants, the Career Advising Center advises students on career development and professional development programs, the Psychological Counseling Center offers consultations to all NU students and staff, and if necessary, arranges further meetings and assistance from professional psychologists.  These are a few examples of the many ways our work is continuing in this new mode.

In addition to organizing the distance learning process for students, NU schools actively use new formats of interaction with external audiences through various kinds of meetings, consultations and webinars in real-time.

For example, the Graduate School of Education organized a series of online webinars with professors and doctoral students of the school, in which participants got the opportunity to discuss current issues of the modern education system and ask questions to speakers.

One webinar organized by NUGSE on April 16, brought together more than 360 participants including teachers, specialists, and heads of educational organizations from all regions of Kazakhstan. This webinar was hosted by Professor Michelle Somerton, a specialist in inclusive education at NUGSE. Professor Somerton has authored several publications in her research area and teaches and supervises the students of NUGSE with a specialization in inclusive education.

Professor Somerton introduced the participants to the results of studies showing that all students who attend inclusive schools, both those with and without disabilities, show better reading and math results, success in forming friendships, and know how to value differences in people. She also touched on some legislative aspects of the problem and highlighted the situation with inclusive education in Kazakhstan. The professor also answered questions from the participants.

On April 17, NU Graduate School of Education held a webinar for supervisors, doctoral students, undergraduates, and independent researchers, which revealed the features of research in the field of inclusive education. Gulmira Tusupbekova, PhD-candidate of the doctoral program “Inclusive Education”, spoke about the main stages of preparing dissertations in the framework of the chosen topic.

The School of Engineering and Digital Sciences has also launched a series of online webinars for current and future applicants, which it holds on a regular basis. During the webinars, anyone is welcome to talk with professors and members of the selection committee, as well as get acquainted with the equipment and laboratories of the school.

The preparatory school has planned a series of live broadcasts on Instagram (@nufyp_official). So, on April 16, the first info session was held with the Executive Director of the School Kabdulsharipova Marzhan. During May, the School plans to conduct live broadcasts with the leaders of various disciplines.

Educational webinars and meetings are held by the NU Graduate School of Business Alumni Association. On April 11, the Association held a webinar with Leyla Leshova, a graduate of FT MBA-2017 on anti-crisis marketing with the participation of more than 90 people. On April 18, it planned to hold a webinar, “Professions of the Future: Who to Be in the Digital Age,” which will be moderated by Sayasat Nurbek, head of BTS Education and the Atlas of New Professions and Competencies project, Goodwill Ambassador of National Geographic Kazakhstan. At the webinar, Sayasat Nurbek will talk about popular specialties of the future, new trends in the labor market and skills that should be developed.

In addition to webinars and meetings, graduates, faculty members, students and researchers of NU also take part in various online conferences and meetings, share their observations, life stories, recommendations and experiences online on a variety of issues and problems related to the situation in the country and in the world, training, business organization, etc.

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