NU graduates established a relief scholarship

 An additional scholarship in the amount of 25 000 tenge will be provided to Nazarbayev University students.  Last year, members of the “NU Alumni” Association created this scholarship to provide financial help for the School of Sciences and Humanities students.

 This year, the Association not only continues to implement the initiative but has also opened the eligibility criteria to allow candidates from any bachelor program at NU to apply.  The applicant selection process will be held in two rounds.  At the end of the process, four students will be selected to get financial aid during the Fall in addition to their basic scholarship.

 In the first round, students will give biographical information and write a motivational letter. In the letter, they need to give arguments for how the scholarship will help them, write about their family situation and living conditions, and showcase their contribution to developing the NU community. Within the second round, a special commission reviews all applications. Based on the commission’s assessment,  selected students will be invited to the final interviews.

 “This year, in response to the Covid-19 crisis the “NU Alumni” Public Union is planning to proceed with an initiative aimed at supporting 3rd and 4th year Nazarbayev University undergraduate students via a relief scholarship. For the Fall term, four undergraduate students will be awarded a monthly scholarship in the amount of  25 000 tenge.  The union is also continuing the search for sponsors to help increase the number of students able to receive the scholarship,” said Arman Konkobay, “NU Alumni” Public Union Executive director.

 It is noteworthy that the “NU Alumni” Association was registered as a public union in November 2018. Currently, within the “E-tutor” project NU graduates are volunteering and helping schoolchildren with their studies. The scholarship provided to students who need financial aid, or students who have made distinguished contributions to University life and talented ones, – is another project initiated by the Association.