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2020, October 8 NU now

Nazarbayev University hosted its first virtual 'NU Datathon'

2020, October 8

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The first virtual 'NU Datathon', organized by the DataSci club students, was held at Nazarbayev University. The datathon was a two-day challenge, where participants were solving cases using their data science skills. 83 teams participated in the competition, solving cases by building machine learning models, including classification, regression, and time series. A major telecommunications company - Tele2 / Altel, has become a partner of 'NU Datathon'.

“The competition consisted of two rounds, 12 teams qualified for the second stage. 80% of the participants were undergraduate students. Our club's main goal is to increase students' interest in data science, to create a community of students who want to develop in this field, and we want to help them with their professional and personal growth. The statistics of registration for the datathon shows students'  high interest in this event, which encourages our club to organize more datathons and similar competitions,said Akmaral Kalmanbayeva, founder of the DataSci club and organizer of 'NU Datathon'.

Nazarbayev University students are proactive members of the NU community. They regularly initiate major events, competitions, and conferences that take place within the walls of their alma mater. Their initiatives always find great support from the leadership of the University.

“Nazarbayev University has always actively supported the initiatives of our students, and we were very pleased to know that our students from the DataSci club organized their first Datathon in partnership with such a large company as Tele2 / Altel,” said Kadisha DAIROVA, Vice President for Student Affairs and International Cooperation. “This event was an excellent opportunity for our students to take on the challenge from a partner company and put their knowledge into practice. We believe the tandem was a success. ”

 Word2vec and Fit Predict teams became the winners of the first 'NU Datathon'.

"Datathon was a lot of fun thanks to the organizers, they were always in touch and supported us greatly," said Saniya Abushakimova, a 3rd year student.

"We think that participating in Kaggle competitions is the best way to improve one's data science skills. We advise people not to spend a lot of time on theory and courses, it is always better to start practicing as soon as possible," said Yerassyl Orazbek, NU graduate and datathon participant.

The winners of the datathon received 100,000 tenge each, in addition, the most distinguished participants will be invited to a paid internship at Tele2 /Altel.

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