Collaboration between Nazarbayev University and the University of Reading

On 2-6 April 2018, under the Staff Mobility program, Nazarbayev University held a series of lectures by Professor V.V.  Khutoryanskiy from the School of Pharmacy, University of Reading (UK). 

Scientists from the Nazarbayev University School of Science and Technology, and School of Medicine attended lectures on the following topics: Penetration enhancement in ocular drug delivery; Polymeric hydrogels: synthesis, properties and biomedical applications; and Polymer-polymer complexes: nanoparticles, soluble films, multi-layered coatings and capsules.

It should be noted that in January 2016, Nazarbayev University and the University of Reading signed an agreement Erasmus + KA107 on Staff Mobility Training in higher educational institutions. Over a 6-week period, starting from April 16, 2018, nine junior researchers from Nazarbayev University were training and involved in research projects of Professor Khutoryanskiy in Reading.