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2020, October 1 NU now

Almond trees planted on the NU campus

2020, October 1

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80 new almond tree saplings have been planted on the NU campus. Starting next spring, all campus residents and guests will be able to enjoy the view of trees' blossoming flowers and their pleasant aroma. Almond trees are known for their frost-tolerance, moreover, they are good for fighting soil erosion.

The planting was timed to coincide with the “National Day of Forest Planting” campaign, which took place on October 1st. The saplings were donated to Nazarbayev University by the Earth Foundation with the support of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan.

Aset Sharipov - Managing Director of the DBK, Adviser to the NU President Kanat Baigarin, as well as representatives of the Earth Foundation, "National Volunteer Network", and NU Green Campus employees, participated in tree planting.

It is the sixth consequent year this campaign takes place in Kazakhstan,  uniting citizens who are concerned about the issues of environmental protection and sustainable development.

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