Technopark manager




Technopark manager


Key and functional tasks of the department

–      Development of Technopark as an attractive place for start-up companies, small and medium enterprises;

–      Formation of the Technopark community consisting of industrial experts, researchers, technology entrepreneurs and investors;

–      Development of communication platform between Technopark residents and Nazarbayev University community aimed for initiation of joint innovation projects.


Key and functional tasks of the position

–      Search and attraction of technological start-up companies, small and medium enterprises in Technopark;

–      Carry out of work on placement of Technopark residents;

–      Ensuring interaction between Technopark residents and faculty, scientific community and students;

–      Promotion of Technopark and its residents through holding and participating in exhibitions, conferences, networking events and PR campaigns.



Bachelor’s degree/master’s degree in the field: management, business administration, economics and marketing, innovation management, strategic management, innovation development, natural sciences, engineering sciences. Diploma of completion of a foreign university is welcome.


Desired professional experience

–      Work experience in similar positions in development institutes, technoparks, business incubators;

–      Presence of contacts with industrial experts, researchers, technology entrepreneurs and investors.


Professional knowledge and personal qualities

Ability to work effectively on an individual basis and as a member of the domestic and international team;

Experience of work with documentation: preparation of draft of contracts and agreements; contract negotiation and maintenance;

Memos, reports, policy briefs, letters writing skills;

Interpersonal and organizational skills

Ability to function effectively within the limited time constraints.


Proficiency in languages

Kazakh (oral / written) – fluent [preferable];

English (oral / written) – fluent [required];

Russian (oral / written) – fluent [required].


Computer skills

A highly trained PC user (Microsoft Office)



Until position is filled