Teaching Assistant in Sociology and Anthropology



Job title:

Teaching Assistant in Sociology and Anthropology


Key and functional tasks of the department

Assisting in the delivery of teaching in the fields of Sociology and Anthropology


Key and functional tasks of the position

The Teaching Assistant (TA) will assist faculty responsible for large introductory courses in Sociology and Anthropology, as well as assist with smaller classes as necessary. Tasks include:

1.   Attending designated lectures;

2.   Preparation of materials or set-up of required equipment for classes;

3.   Assisting faculty with in-class activities and classroom management;

4.   Grading examinations and assignments (only starting from/during the second semester of his or her role as a TA), computing and recording the results;

5.   Holding office hours;

6.   Tutoring and assisting students individually and in small groups;

7.   Corresponding with students via email on topics relevant to the assigned course;

8.   Proctoring exams (only starting from/during the second semester of his or her role as a TA);

9.   Contributing to the development and implementation of the curriculum;

10.               Assisting with the department`s outreach, communication and community-engagement activities;

11.               Providing clerical and administrative support as necessary;

12.               Other teaching-related tasks as necessary;

13.               Other duties as assigned by Department Chair or Dean.


Business trips:




Master’s Degree in Sociology, Anthropology or related field;


Desired education, knowledge and professional experience:

Experience working with undergraduate second language students;


Personal qualities:

Professional manner at all times, flexibility, commitment to student and faculty support, initiative, attention to quality and detail. Commitment to ongoing professional development.


Proficiency in languages, including state language:

Given the nature of the position, a high level of English-language proficiency is required for non-native English speakers, as well as a commitment to using English at all times (other than emergencies) when communicating with staff, faculty and students.


Computer skills:

MS Word and Excel; willingness to learn computer programs used by the department.


Final date of CV submission:

Until position is filled.