Teaching assistant (0.5 rate): School of Engineering


Position name

Teaching assistant (0.5 rate): School of Engineering

Key and functional tasks of the function

Primary objectives of the function are as follows:

–       Assist in the development of course materials (including online). The course contents should be provided by the instructor. In case, the teaching assistant initiates the development of new course materials, this should be approved by the course instructor and reported to the department chair to reflect in the annual performance review of teaching assistants.

–       Support teaching delivery in lectures, seminars, laboratory sessions and tutorials. The teaching assistants are not allowed to give lectures or seminars. However, they can hold contact hours during laboratory sessions and tutorials. Teaching assistants can hold lectures under special circumstances such as demonstration of a software or equipment, and requires a prior approval of course instructor and department chair.

–       Support students undertaking projects. The teaching assistant should inform all aspects of project assistance provided to the students to the course instructor.  

–       Demonstrate and supervise undergraduate laboratory experiments

Key and functional tasks of the position

–       Conduct marking of formative coursework and give constructive and timely feedback to students under the guidance of the course instructor. To ensure quality standards are met, the instructor is required to provide specific guidelines such as rubrics for marking.

–       Assist with the marking of objective summative assessments under the supervision and responsibility of the course instructor.

–       Act as an academic and pastoral point of contact for the students. In case of finding early cases of indifferent behaviour or poor academic performance of students, refer the cases to course instructor.

–       Participate as a member of course and research teams as appropriate. This can include participating in research projects and taking part in teaching workshops.

–       Contribute to the building of teaching and research relationships across the University

–       Compile and maintain records of student attendance, marks and progress, contributing to student reports where required and appropriate. These needs to be done under close supervision and approval of the course instructor.

–       Promptly informing the students about the course outlines and learning outcomes and its implications.

–       The teaching assistant may be given administrative duties of the department such as in school committees, newsletter preparations, coordinating meetings and assisting the department, as assigned by the department chair.


Master degree, specialist or bachelor’s degree in:

–     Physics;

–     Nanotechniques;

–     Material science;

–     Mining engineering;

–     Geology/Geosciences;

–     Geophysics;

–     Petroleum Engineering;

–     Hydrogeology;

–     Engineering sciences in metallurgy and material science;

–     Engineering sciences;

–     Genetics;

–     Molecular biology;

–     Biology;

–     Nanobiotechnology;

–     Chemistry;

–     Analytical chemistry;

–     Communications;

–     Device Fabrication

Required professional experience 

Work experience is not required.

Professional competence and personal qualities

–     Ability to work effectively on an individual basis and as a member in international team; 

–     Experience of working with different cultures;

–     Interpersonal and organizational skills.

–     Eager to work with students.

Proficiency in languages

Fluency in Kazakh, Russian, English (oral and writing skills) languages.

Computer Literacy

A highly trained PC user (Microsoft Office).

Deadline for CV

Until position is filled.