Specialist at student dormitories of the Department of Student Affairs




Job title

Specialist at student dormitories of the Department of Student Affairs


Main functional responsibilities of the department

To plan, arrange and perform any activity related to student affairs at the University dormitory


Main functional duties

To conduct awareness campaign relating to the residence of students

To solve various questions and problems of students related to improving their living conditions

To cooperate with other departments of the University to carry out the activities of the Department

To monitor that students observe Dormitory Rules and Code of Conduct, to assist patriotic, cultural and moral education of the students, to support consolidation of the students solidarity

To assist in the implementation of educational work at the University and organization of different events in students’ social life

To involve students in organizing public events that are held at the University, to render assistance in organizational issues of these events

To maintain and update student database (personal files, reports, applications, minutes and etc.), in Microsoft Excel in particular

To conduct work on booking rooms for students living in the information system “Hotel Informational System”

To interact with government agencies and organizations related to students’ accommodation (student registration at the place of temporary residence)

To provide services to students on accommodation: check-in, relocation, check-out, distribution of parking spots, etc.)

To maintain required documentation and correspondence in Kazakh, Russian and English

To analyze activities related to students’ life at the University, to support writing consolidated reports about performance of the Department

To prepare information about student body of the School for institutional research

To perform other tasks assigned by the Director of the Department of Student Affairs


Business trips




Higher education degree at an institution with English language of instruction and in the fields of education, upbringing, hotel business.


Desired work experience 

Professional work experience in the field of higher education not less than one year, one of which is related to student affairs, or active engagement into social activity at the university

Experience of working with youth and youth organizations in multicultural environment


Professional knowledge and personal qualities

Desire and readiness to work with youngsters

Ability to independently identify and solve problems using analytical skills and ability to make decisions

Excellent interpersonal qualities, high degree of oral and written communication skills

Ability to cooperate effectively within a complex administrative structure

Ability to work effectively both individually and in a team.

Ability to work effectively in constrained time limits and under pressure. High degree of stress-sustainability

Knowledge of basic ethical principles and business communication, as well as procedures of carrying out business correspondence

Positive attitude and ability to plan and adapt to changes


Proficiency in languages, including the state language

Good verbal and written English, Russian and Kazakh language skills


Computer skills

Working knowledge of a database managing program, including Microsoft Office and Access necessary when working with students

Strong skills in Excel (ability to use functions for processing large tables with student data, “vlookup”, “if”, “conditional formatting”)

Understanding programs generating report information required in the academic environment and when working with students


Last date of CV submission

Until the vacancy is filled