Specialist of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (further – School)



Job Title:

Specialist of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences  (further – School)


Key and functional tasks of the department:

– Coordination of the activities of the School in terms of providing quality education in the humanities and social sciences, including the development of modern infrastructure necessary for the effective implementation of the educational process;

– Development, maintenance and further effective cooperation with foreign partners;

– Facilitating the effective functioning of the academic programs through the establishment and further development of partnerships with leading domestic and foreign universities, research centers and other organizations;

– Participation in the negotiation and drafting of agreements (memorandums, contracts) with foreign partners within the competence of the School.


Key and functional tasks of the position:

1) assistance in generating School budget;

2) assistance in monitoring and analyzing School budget implementation;

3) assistance in recognizing School’s costs by budget items, supervised by the School on its own;

4) interacting with private entities on the issues of  School budget generation and implementation;

5) assistance in monitoring School’s costs under “Travel costs” item;

6) agreeing on all payment applications for consistency with School budget;  

7) agreeing Contracts with third parties  for consistency with School budget;

8)         assistance in maintaining costs recovery to foreign personnel of the School within approved social policy of the University;  

9) maintaining internal correspondence of the School on financial matters;

10) economic analysis of individual issues of School activity, as necessary; 

11) assistance in administrating the issues and activities related to improvement of internal processes, School systems;

12) participating in University meeting on the issues of budget and finances;

13) assistance in processing internal applications of the School regarding procurement in NULITS, USM;

14) developing decisions on  core activity of the School;

15) assistance in making recommendations for interaction processes improvement;

16) cooperating with administrative divisions of the University in providing reports and data, as necessary;

17) assistance in recording and tracking official instructions, given by the University management to the School on the issues within his/her competence, as well as subsequent  preparation of reports for the Head of the School;   

18) assisting the processes of risks identification, assessment, management, monitoring within the framework of supervised area;

19) providing technical and methodological assistance in obtaining the necessary documentation for working in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including the issues of registration in tax and migration authorities, to faculty and employees of the School;

20) monitoring compliance with internal regulatory documents of the University on the issues within his/her competence;

21) timely and qualitative performance of other assignments of School management within his/her duties and authorities.



Higher education, preferably with English as a language of instruction; Master, Bachelor or Specialist degrees in

– Finance;

– Economics;

– Management;

and Humanities and Social Sciences related to functional responsibilities. 


Desired professional experience (duration, sphere, and other)

Work experience shall comply with one of the following requirements:

– at least 1 year of relevant professional experience in areas corresponding to functional areas of the specific position in international and/or national companies, if a candidate holds a Bachelor’s degree; or

– work experience is not required upon the availability of  higher education with English as a language of instruction.


Professional skills

– skills in records management in Kazakh and English;  

– financial records keeping skills;

– budgeting skills ;

– advanced negotiation and work process planning skills;

– high analytical and organizational skills;

– fluency in Kazakh, Russian and English.


Personal skills

– commitment to goals and values of the University;

– interpersonal skills;

– teamwork skills;

– developed leadership skills;

– ability to work in multicultural environment.


Proficiency in languages, including state language, (list of languages)

Good oral and written command of Kazakh, Russian and English languages is necessary.


Computer skills (programs, computer literacy):

High-level computer literacy (Proficiency in Microsoft Office: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, 1С: Enterprise).


Final date of CV submission

Open until filled.

Please send your CVs to hiring_shss@nu.edu.kz.