Specialist of the Department of documentation support (maternity leave cover)




Job title

 Specialist of the Department of documentation support (maternity leave cover)


Key and functional tasks of the department

1.              to improve the forms and methods of work with documents in the University;

2.                    providing a unified procedure for documenting, organizing paperwork, creation and maintenance of information retrieval systems, monitoring the execution of documents and preparation of documents for transfer to the University archives;

3.                reduction of document flow volume in the University;

4.                development and implementation of new processes for working with documents and information based on the use of funds and organizational computing, including the ordering of documents and information indicators


Key and functional tasks of the position

1.     reception and preprocessing of incoming documents;

2.     delivery/reception of documents to/from assistants of the University top-management, their distribution on performers, copying and mailing of documents;

3.     hander delivery of the University outgoing mail  to government bodies and the organizations around the city;

4.     Sending of outgoing correspondence by post service

5.     work with blanks (design, registration, output, caring out acts on their destruction);

6.     maintaining sheet of the accounting of working hours;

7.     implementation of technical translation on/to state/English languages;

8.     performance of others instructions of  University management or department director within the functions and powers


Business trips




 Higher (humanity)


Computer skills

·          to be able to work with the programs Microsoft Office, Nero Express, Fine Reader, Acrobat, and also experience with electronic document flow


Desired professional experience (duration, sphere, and other details)

experience not less than 1 (one) year in the sphere of office-work and documenting in public and commercial administration bodies



Professional knowledge and personal qualities

·          knowledge of the legislation in the field of documentation and records management

·          Ability to work in team or individually

·          Ability discreetly and diplomatically to interact with various people

·          Ability to observe administrative requirements accurately and according to fixed dates


Proficiency in languages, including state language                        

English level (IELTS 5,5 minimum), knowledge of a state language in the volume necessary for execution of functional duties.



Final date of CV submission

Before selection of required candidates