Specialist for Administration School of Humanities and Social Sciences



Job Title:

Specialist for Administration School of Humanities and Social Sciences   


Key and functional tasks of the department:

– Coordination of the activities of the School in terms of providing quality education in the humanities and social sciences, including the development of modern technological infrastructure necessary for the effective implementation of the educational process;

– Development, maintenance and further effective cooperation with organizations and external sources of funding;

– Facilitating the effective functioning of the academic programs through the establishment and further development of partnerships with leading domestic and foreign universities, research centers and other organizations;

– Participation in the negotiation and drafting of agreements (memorandums, contracts) with service providers and external sources of funding within the competence of the School.


Key and functional tasks of the position:

– collecting applications on all School research projects;

– preparation, coordination of Agreements with experts and customers on research  projects of the School;

– monitoring of faculty grants execution;

– preparation of financial reports on all external/internal research  projects of the School;

– correspondence with University’s structural divisions and external parties regarding School’s research  projects;

– managing work on School’s research  projects together with interested structural divisions of the University;

– facilitating faculty to work with the University on research  projects;

– facilitating organization of international staff arrival in agreement with corresponding departments of the University: coordination of issues associated with School’s international staff moving;

– facilitating during introduction of new faculty member in collaboration with University’s administration, International Scholars and Students Department, NULITS, as well as other external bodies, etc.;

– assisting teachers and employees in receiving documents, necessary for performing their work, assistance in registration in tax and migration authorities of Astana;

– collaboration with core University’s departments in submission of reports and data, if necessary;

– research budgeting of the School;

– drafting reports on administration of research budget;

– assistance in performing tasks associated with School’s budget in accordance with internal financial and economic rules of the University, control over expenses and coordination of line-item budget;

– conducting internal and external correspondence on research  projects of the School;

– execution and control over execution of internal normative documents;

– control over execution of University’s minutes orders;

– performance of any other duties as required.



Bachelor degree in humanities and social sciences, economics, finance, management of education, management, business administration and others, preferably from internationally recognized higher education institutions.


Desired professional experience (duration, sphere, and other)

At least 1 year of the relevant professional experience in the areas corresponding to the functional areas of the specific position if a candidate holds a Bachelor’s degree in international and/or national companies, organizations or at least 1 years of work experience in Nazarbayev University.  


Professional knowledge and personal qualities

– Analytical skills;

– Ability to work effectively individually as well as a member of both local and international teams;

– Work experience with peoples from diverse cultural background;

– Preferable familiarity with the educational system, culture and history of Kazakhstan;

– Ability to function effectively under tight deadlines;
– Ability to take responsibility for his/her own decisions;

– A positive attitude and ability to plan and adapt to change;

– Ability to collaborate effectively within a complex administrative environment;

– Strong interpersonal, oral and written communication skills

– Work experience in the areas relevant to the functional responsibilities of a given position.


Proficiency in languages, including state language, (list of languages)

– Good oral and written command of the English, Kazakh and Russian language is necessary.


Computer skills (programs, computer literacy):

Proficiency in Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Word.


Final date of CV submission

Open until filled.

Please send your CVs to hiring_shss@nu.edu.kz.