Senior Researcher




Senior Researcher

(for research project implementation period)


The main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

Implementation of measures to conduct basic and / or applied research in materials science and energy, as well as in related and interdisciplinary areas.


Key and functional tasks 

Performing the synthesis of materials (thin films, nanoparticles, semiconductor materials and materials for solar energy).

·Conducting experiments on the characterization of materials using electron microscopy, spectroscopic and other techniques, studying of the physical-chemical, electrical and optical characteristics of materials etc.

·Fabrication of thin film materials using sputtering techniques (magnetron, ion beam, e-beam), thermal evaporation and other related thin-films disposition technique.

Sophisticated experience in device fabrication.

·Supervising junior members of the research group;

·Preparation and submission of proposals to internal and external funding agencies;

·To publish the research results in the international peer-reviewed journals;

·Participation in conferences for research outcome dissemination.


Business trips:

Possible domestic and international



Higher education in the field of materials science, physics, chemistry or related areas.

The presence of a PhD degree or Candidate or Doctor of Science.


Desired professional qualifications/experience

Experience at least 5 years in research and the availability of scientific publications in international scientific journals with impact factor and reports on international conferences;

·The presence of H- index;

·Experience in the field of materials science, nanotechnology;

·Experience in the field of characterization of materials, microscopy and spectral analysis methods;

·Experience in use of deposition techniques;

·Experience in device fabrication

·Experience in device characterization

·Strong knowledge and high level of competence in relevant field of science;

·Fundamental and/or applied scientific-research experience;

·Experience of working with students in English.


Professional knowledge

Strong leadership skills, ability to work in international academic environment individually and in team, taking initiatives, problem-solving skills, self-motivating


Personal qualities

Proactive, self-discipline, good team player, strong critical thinking and problem solving skills


Proficiency in languages, including state language, (list of languages)

Fluency in English and Russian (obligatory)


Computer skills:

Mathlab, Origin, Photoshop, Microsoft office and related simulation softwares in Material Sciences such as FDTD  are highly preferable



The position will remain open until it is filled