Senior research technologist (Electron Microscopy), Office of the Provost



Job title:

Senior research technologist (Electron Microscopy)


Key functional tasks

1.   Serves as a team leader for research technologists and supervises their research and service activities;

2.   Conducts, organizes and supervises research users on the Electron microscopes;

3.   Organizes technical assistance for researchers, students and third party organizations;

4.   Participates in the selection and hiring of personnel;

5.   Leads in performance evaluation of supervised employees and ensures their professional development by organizing advanced trainings;

6.   Analyzes laboratory’s demand for in Electron microscopic facility equipment, consumables, and reagents, based on consumption;

7.   Plans and executes a roadmap for the equipment maintenance, upgrade, and addition, as well as overall development of facility;

8.   Provides training and consultation for new users of the equipment;

9.   Plans, organizes and performs corrective and preventive maintenance on facility equipment;

10. Supervises diagnostics, provides and organizes repairing of the equipment hardware;

11. Facilitates and participates in collaboration with the University faculty and staff;

12. Coordinates emergency response in emergency situations involving the safety of people and equipment;

13. Oversees preparation of technical documents, reports, and other documents related to the equipment use and maintenance.


Business trips:




Masters or Ph.D. degree (or equivalent) in natural science (biology, chemistry, physics or related disciplines) or engineering


Desired professional experience (duration, sphere, and other)

–    Experience of scientific and organizational work for at 1 year in the Electron microscopic laboratory;

–   Certificates on TEM and SEM training and maintenance;

–   Experience in repair and organization of repair of laboratory equipment;

–   Co-authorship of not less than 3 Scopus-indexed publications in the peer-reviewed journals containing results with TEM and SEM images and its descriptions.


Professional knowledge and personal qualities

–  Knowledge of scientific challenges, features and abilities of transmission and scanning electron microscopy and directions of its development;

–  Willingness and ability to learn new information and updates related to the equipment functioning;

–  Ability to understand and interpret results of microscopic imaging and analyzes;

–  Knowledge of the principles of adjustment and alignment of transmission and scanning electron microscopes and ability to perform microscopes alignment;

–  Knowledge of the basics of sample preparation and requirements for different samples (disperse nano-objects, biological objects, thin films, solid metals) for TEM and SEM, the effect of electron beam-objects interactions;

–  Be familiar with the consumables for microscopy and equipment procurement procedures;

–  Excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills;

–  Ability to work independently and as team member;

–  Strong leadership skills.


Proficiency in languages, including state language, (list of languages)

Proficiency in English (with good understanding of technical literature) and mandatory – knowledge of electron microscopy terminology.


Computer skills:

High degree of computer literacy including its maintenance and repairing


Final date of CV submission:

Until filled