Senior Manager (Student Academic Affairs) at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences



Job Title:

Senior Manager (Student Academic Affairs) at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences


Key and functional tasks of the department:

– coordinate support of students in the School to provide quality education in the field of humanities and social sciences, including development of necessary cutting-edge technological infrastructure


Key and functional tasks of the position:

–          provide overall administration of the student affairs

issues within the Office;

–          advise undergraduate and graduate students on academic requirements, selection and registration for courses; recommend solutions to academic difficulties;

–          advice entrants about the programs offered, admission procedures and eligibility to apply for them;

–          serve as a focal point for other offices, Schools and departments on academic issues of the School;

–          develop, coordinate and monitor over the implementation of the annual and medium-term Student Affairs budget of the School;

–          maintain and manage activities within the office, which includes: communications, workflow, inquiries, and/or other related information

–          participate in the activities within the joint initiatives of the school and foreign partners;

–          provide consulting and informational support to faculty, prospective students  and parents about academic processes of the School, its programs, goals, rules and regulations;

–          coordinate the School activities related to the admission process, recruitment activities and information sessions;

–          coordinate orientation, graduation and educational workshops for students;

–          provide support to preparation of the regulations for admissions;

–          provide support to the Admission committee.

–          other tasks as assigned by Supervisor



Bachelor / Master’s degree in Management, management in education, marketing, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Information technology and other specialties corresponding to functional duties.

Preferably from the higher education institutions with English language of instruction and medium of assessment


Desired professional experience (duration, sphere, industry and other)

Work experience must meet one of the following requirements:

–          with Master’s degree, professional experience should be not less than 5 years in the areas corresponding to functional areas of a specific position in the state institutions, or in international and/or national companies; or

–          with Specialist or Bachelor degree, work experience should be at least 7 years in the areas corresponding to the functional areas of a given position in the state institutions, or in international and/or national companies, or

–          at least 3 years of work experience at the University and/or its organizations.


Experience in education and a background in academic advising will be an advantage.


Professional knowledge and personal qualities

– advanced leadership skills

– analytical approach to solving any problems;

– ability to work effectively individually as well as a member of

both local and international teams;

– work experience with peoples from diverse cultural background;

– preferable familiarity with the educational system of the USA, EU, and other countries;

– ability to function effectively under tight deadlines;

– ability to take responsibility for his/her own decisions;

– a positive attitude, ability to plan and adapt to change;

– ability to collaborate effectively within a complex administrative environment;

– strong personal, oral and written communication skills


Proficiency in languages

– good oral and written skills of Kazakh, Russian and English

languages are necessary.


Computer skills (programs, computer literacy):

High level of possession of the PC: Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint), the ability to prepare presentations and slides, hold and organize meetings.


Final date of CV submission

Till the selection of a candidate who meets the abovementioned requirements.

Please send your resume in two languages (Russian and English) to with the subject of the message “Senior Manager SHSS”.