Senior Manager, School of Medicine



Job Title

Senior Manager of the School of Medicine


Key and functional tasks of the department

1.      Organization and provision of learning activities;

2.      Contribution to the University-wide quality assurance methodologies;

3.      Participation in development and implementation of strategic goals of the University within the competence of the School;

4.      Engagement with medical universities and research institutions to foster science and engineering application.


Key functional tasks

1.      Planning, implementation and coordination of the admission to the School’s academic programs;

2.      Planning and organization of informative sessions on applying to the School’s programs;

3.      To prepare applicants’ personal files for the Admissions Committees of the School;

4.      To implement operational management of the database of applicants;

5.      Provide administrative support to the development and successful implementation of the School’s programs;

6.      Monitor the approval and signing process of the documents related to academic activity of the School;

7.      Development of analytical reports and presentations on the School’s academic activity;

8.      Organization and keeping records of academic performance of the School’s students;

9.      Participation in the development of the School’s strategic and action plans and the corresponding reports;

10.  Coordination and monitoring of existing as well as new MOUs with organizations and preparation of the reports on their progress;

11.  Preparation of academic calendars and class schedules.


Business trips:




Master’s degree in the following fields: Education, Public Health, Management or other fields related to the position.


Desired professional experience (duration, sphere, and other)

Minimum 5 years work experience in the areas relevant to functional duties of the given position or work experience in autonomous organization of education “Nazarbayev University” or non-profit organizations founded by the University.


Professional knowledge and personal qualities

1. Good analytical and critical thinking skills

2. Team-work and independent work skills

3. Problem solving ability

4. Leadership and organizational skills


Proficiency in languages, including state language, (list of languages)

Fluent in English, Kazakh and Russian


Computer skills:

Advanced MS Office experience


Final date of CV submission:

Until October 26, 2017.