Senior Manager of Support Department (temporary replacement)



Position title

Senior Manager of Support Department  (temporary replacement)


Key and functional responsibilities of division

– market research and analysis of goods, works and services prices;

– budget requests formation and submission from structural divisions for the relevant financial year;

– annual planning, organization and conduction of goods procurement;

– material and technical provision of required   laboratory and production equipment, machine tools, consumables, etc.

– organization and monitoring of compliance with the dates and volume of goods, works and services deliveries  by suppliers;

– organization and monitoring of  documents management and workflow.


Key and functional responsibilities of position

– organizes goods, works and services provision and supply to Pilot Workshop, Electronics Repair Shop,  Digital Prototyping Laboratory “Fab Lab” and Polygon of renewable sources of energy;

– monitors obligations fulfillment by individuals and legal entities under the contracts concluded and takes measures on duly performance;

– implements the set of employees’ applications and forms draft budget of supervised structural division in accordance with the requirements of division for the relevant financial year/to adjust the budget;

– maintains records, correspondence with the Entity’s divisions, government authorities and potential suppliers in accordance with the established procedures.



–   higher education


Required professional experience (duration, field, branches, etc.)

–   at least five years of professional experience in the field of procurements, deliveries in production companies (Mechanical Engineering is preferable)


Professional knowledge and personal skills

–   knowledge of laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of state procurements;

–   procurements experience for the purpose of production;

–   experience with international standards in project management;

–   capability for self-education and existing skills improvement;

–   responsibility‚ efficiency, multitasking, rapid decision-making,  ability to work in stressful situations‚  desire and ability to work in team;

–   commitment‚ result-orientation.


Languages proficiency, including Kazakh (specify)

–   English proficiency is an advantage


Computer skills (programs, competence)

–   Accomplished computer user

–   Advanced user of Microsoft Office


CV submission deadline

Before selecting candidate who meets the requirements above.