Senior Manager of Strategic Planning and Monitoring Department, University Service Management private entity (temporary position)



Key duties and tasks of the Entity

Arranging set of actions directed at management, administration, information, documentation, inventory and logistics management, sociocultural and any other support and assistance of Nazarbayev University activity.  

Ensuring operation and maintenance of administrative and other buildings, engineering infrastructure, property, equipment, appliances, transport, technical and other items for smooth operation of Nazarbayev University.  


Key duties

1)        Assists in drafting and developing strategic and annual plans of  the Entity within structural division competence; 

2)        Assists in drafting and monitoring of key performance indicators of the Entity activity;  

3)        Ensures timely reporting with respect to structural division activities;

4)        Draws up summary analytical report upon request of the Entity management;

5)        Draws up and summarizes information for presentation, speech and reports of structural unit and for the Entity management;

6)        Assists in budget request submission of structural division for relevant fiscal year in compliance with  the Entity budget items  administered by structural division within business processes and its competence;

7)        Ensures marketing research of the Entity to address consumers’ needs;  

8)        Detects, assesses, manages and monitors risks of the Entity;

9)        Assists in elaboration of actions aimed at Entity incomes increase;  

10)    Monitors and assesses price quotes based on specification requirements of goods, works and services as instructed by the Entity management and Department Head; 

11)    Provides information and analysis content related to  the Entity activity within structural division competence;

12)    Drafts proposals aimed at services quality improvement and the Entity’s performance enhancement;   

13)    Oversees structural divisions activity of the Entity  providing services;

14)    Ensures proper provision of services by counterparts (Lessee) of the Entity under concluded Contracts;

15)    Identifies and prevents factors adversely affecting quality of provided services;

16)    Drafts proposals aimed at creation of favorable environment to ensure permanently services of high quality and its improvement at all stages of services provision in accordance with requirements;

17)    Ensures on monthly basis timely execution of services requests by structural divisions of the USM;

18)    Identifies and analyses causes of consumer’s dissatisfaction with provided services, if services are provided improperly and with delay.



Foreign University degree is required, Bachelor’s degree in Management, Strategic Management, Economics and Marketing


Required professional experience (duration, field, etc.)

At least 3 years of professional experience in Economy/Management  


Professional skills and personal characteristics

Analytic abilities; reports and executive summaries drafting skills;  presentation making skills applying relevant software, communication skills; teamwork skills; ability to handle stress;


Language skills, including Kazakh (indicate languages you speak)

Fluent English Russian and Kazakh (oral and written)


PC skills

Word, Excel, Power Point, Illustrator and Photoshop (preferably)


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