Senior Manager of Patron Services





 Senior Manager of Patron Services of Library Directorate of the «Nazarbayev University Library and IT Services» PE


Key and functional tasks of the department:

–      Performing library-information services for patrons;

–      Maintaining the safety and integrity of library collections; 

–      Working on increasing information literacy of library patrons;

–      Researching new methods and technologies used in local and foreign academic libraries and implementing them into practice;

–      Collaborating with the Nazarbayev University faculty


Duties and Responsibilities:

–      Organizing efficient library services for the University students, faculty and staff by flexible schedule;

–      Researching and staying tuned to patrons’ informational needs, analyzing the effectiveness of the library collections use and the textbooks provision for the students;

–      Planning and providing course on information literacy;

–      Collaborating with faculty of Schools in collection development and other issues, acting as a subject librarian;

–      Organizing events and thematic book exhibitions;

–      Participation as an instructor in workshops on translations of advanced experience in librarianship;   

–      Timely and qualitative execution of other orders of the Entity management within the framework of their duties and powers



–      Higher education in library or internship in a library program in international universities;

–      Or academic degree not lower than master’s specialist in education


Work experience:


–      At least 2 year experience in fields of librarianship / education, work experience in Nazarbayev University is welcoming;

–      Knowledge of contemporary sources of print and electronic information, organization and management of information;

–      Skills in conducting trainings and seminars on information literacy


Skills and Abilities Required:

communicability, responsibility, initiative, teamwork skills, analytical skills, diligence



Knowledge of Kazakh, Russian and English languages


Deadline of CV submission:

Prior to the selection of the right candidate