Senior Manager, Engineering and Technical Services



Key and functional tasks of the division

Maintenance of laboratories and scientific, educational and technological equipment


Key and functional tasks of the job

1. Maintenance of structural division office-work in the established order, correspondence with other departments of the institution, public authorities and potential suppliers;

2. Preparation of documents for supply of goods, works and services for structural division;

3. Monitoring of the implementation of physical and legal entities obligations under the contracts;

4. Preparation of a consolidated document of proposals and drafting of the budget of the structural unit for the relevant financial year;

5. The preparation and forwarding the list of the planned procurement to a structural unit, whose functions include the organization and conduction of procurement procedures, consistent with planning department.



Higher education in technical, economic areas or law


Desired professional experience (duration, area, industry, etc.)

at least 3 years of experience in relevant area


Professional knowledge and personal characteristics

Analytical skills, purposefulness, communicative skills, initiative.

Knowledge of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of procurement


The level of language proficiency, including the state, (specify what)

Fluently in Kazakh, Russian and (preferably) English


Skills of using personal computer (software, proficiency)

High level of proficiency in PC (Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and preferably “1C accounting” program)


Deadline summary

10th of October