Senior manager, Department of Implementation and Maintenance of Information Systems




Senior manager, Department of Implementation and Maintenance of Information Systems, «Nazarbayev University Library and IT Services» PE


Main functions of the department:

−   launch and introduction of new information systems and integrated hardware and software into IT infrastructure of Nazarbayev University and its subsidiaries (NU);

−   technical support and maintenance of regular, uninterrupted functioning of NU information systems and services


Main position functions:

−   IT teams management implementing and supporting information systems in the context of IT projects;

−   IT project management;

−   regulatory, operational and technical document development;

−   registration of errors, comments and proposals in the bug tracking system, as well as bug solution within the competence;

−   consulting and methodological assistance within the competence;

−   administering of system and application software of information systems;

−   data backup and recovery in case of accident;

−   keeping operation logs of information systems (failure logs, comment logs, etc.)



higher education in IT specialties


Professional experience:

not less than 4 years of work experience in IT support, as well as experience in implementing infrastructure solutions and project management (at least 2 large project)


Professional knowledge and personal characteristics:

−   knowledge of functioning principles and technical characteristics of hardware and software;

−   knowledge of existing standards, technical conditions and rules of writing technical documents;

−   skills in design and harmonization of regulatory documents (position descriptions, regulations, rules, etc.);

−   knowledge of fundamentals in organizing working process and its management;

−   knowledge of the fundamentals of labor legislation;

−   knowledge of EAI principles (Enterprise Application Integration) using system bus, integration adapters and web services;

−   knowledge of basic transfer protocols and data exchange;

−   knowledge of national and international IT standards;

−   knowledge and ability to apply notations of business-process description and formalization of software requirements;

−   skills in Oracle, MSSQL Server, PostgreSQL or MySQL DBMS;

−   advanced user of Linux and MS Windows operating systems;

−   knowledge of principles of development and maintenance of information systems;

−   knowledge of software products line-up of primary vendors (Oracle, IBM, Microsoft);

−   skills in team leading, human resources planning and task assignment;

−   skills in IT project management;

−   advanced user of office applications;

−   knowledge of ITSM principles;

−   communication skills, leadership skills and productive team collaboration, initiative, flexible (adaptive) way of thinking


Language skills:

Kazakh, Russian and English (Intermediate and above)



until the selection of suitable candidates