Senior Economist, Department of Economics


Major functional responsibilities of the structural subdivision:

Economic planning of financial and economic activities of the Institution.

Analysis of the state and results of financial and economic activities of the Institution.


Main job responsibilities:

Drafting of prospective and current financial plans of the Institution, with the application of all necessary calculations,

preparation, preparation for approval and control over the execution of the budget (estimates of income and expenses) for the financial year, making changes to them;

preparation of economically justified calculation of services (works) provided by the Institution;

formation of an application to clarify the budget of the Institution;

monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the budget of the Institution;

ensuring the implementation of financial plans;

ensuring control over the rational use of financial resources, compliance with financial discipline;

analysis of financial and economic activities of the Institution on the basis of accounting and reporting data, making proposals.

Business travel:



Higher economic education

Required work experience   (duration, sphere of activities, other)

Experience of at least 5 years as an economist

Professional competence:

Good communication skills; high ability to cooperate and work in a team.

Soft competence and qualities:

The candidate must be a responsible and well-organized person.

Knowledge of languages, including the state language (list of languages, which the candidate must know)

State, Russian language-perfect,

English – preferably

Hard skills:

Knowledge of MS Excel, 1-C-Enterprise

CV submission deadline:

Prior to the selection of the appropriate employee

Contact name: