Second Line Support Manager of the Department of IT Support of Private Entity «Nazarbayev University Library and IT Services»



Name of position:

Second Line Support Manager of the Department of IT Support of Private Entity  «Nazarbayev University Library and IT Services»


Basic responsibilities of the department

Organization of complex measures aimed at supporting regular job of IT infrastructure


Main duties and responsibilities

Realization of functions of the second line technical support to users of information infrastructure:

The preparation of new working space, the first installations of system and application software;

Implementation of the movement of users  working space;

Delivery and replacement of consumables to the PC and printer;

Maintenance of printers;

Solving incidents with software and equipment that requires a user visit; 

Diagnostics and minor repair of PCs and peripheral equipment;

Providing support of the cable and wireless networks;

Solution of issues related to the creation of temporary and permanent working spaces and a LAN connection.

Development and endorsement of documentation (technical specification, contract, etc.) for the procurement of goods, works and services required to perform the tasks of the Department and initiation procurement procedures;

Monitoring of performance obligations by suppliers delivered/rendered/performed goods, works and services under contracts initiated by the Department;

Participation in the formation of Department’s budget request for the current financial year.



Higher education in the field of information technology. The presence of specialized international certificates is welcome (example, ITSM)


The required professional experience (period, field, other)

Work experience in IT field for at least 2 years, work experience or internship at the Nazarbayev University or its affiliated organizations are welcome.


Professional competence and personal qualities

Knowledge of office applications at advanced user level;

The skills of setting software applications;

Thorough knowledge of modern operating systems – MacOS, Linux, Windows;

The ability to set custom peripherals – installing drivers, using printers on network, etc.

Knowledge of operating work and structural specificity of the recent printing devices;

Skills of diagnostics and repair of stationary PCs and laptops;

Basic knowledge of construction of the local computing networks;

Work experience on VoIP equipment;

Understanding ITSM principles;

Knowledge of PC architecture


Knowledge of languages​​, including the official language (provide a list of languages ​​that you own)

Fluent English, knowledge of Kazakh and Russian.


Deadline for CV:

Until appropriate candidate selected