Second Line Support Consultant of the Department of IT Support



Name of position:

Second Line Support Consultant of the Department of IT Support of the Private Entity  «Nazarbayev University Library and IT Services»


Basic responsibilities of the department:

Organization of package of measures aimed at supporting regular job of IT infrastructure.


Main duties and responsibilities:

– Realization of functions of the second line technical support to users of information infrastructure;

– The preparation of new working space, the first installations of system and application software;

– Implementation of the movement of users  working space;

– Delivery and replacement of consumables to the PC and printer;

– Maintenance of printers;

– Solving incidents with software and equipment that requires a user visit;

– Diagnostics and minor repair of PCs and peripheral equipment;

– Providing support of the cable and wireless networks;

– Issues related to the creation of temporary and permanent working spaces and a LAN connection



Higher education in the field of information technology. The presence of specialized international certificates is welcome (example, ITSM)


The required professional experience:

Experience in IT for at least 2 years


Professional competence and personal qualities:

– Knowledge of office applications at the advanced user;

– The skills set of application software;

– Thorough knowledge of modern operating systems – MacOS, Linux, Windows;

– The ability to configure custom peripherals – install drivers, use printers on the network, etc.

– Knowledge of the principles of operation and design features of modern printing devices;

– Skills of diagnostics and repair of desktop PCs and laptops;

– Basic knowledge of the construction of local area networks;

– Experience with VoIP equipment;

– Understanding the principles of ITSM;

– Knowledge of  PC architecture


Knowledge of languages:

Knowledge of State, English (intermediate), Russian languages


Deadline for CV:

Until position is filled