Researcher of the Human Microbiome and Longevity laboratoryat the Private Establishment “National Laboratory Astana”




Researcher of the Human Microbiome and Longevity laboratoryat the Private Establishment “National Laboratory Astana”


The main responsibilities of the laboratory

Research and development activities in human microbiome and longevity


Key functional responsibilities:

To assist supervisor in planning, organizing and carrying out scientific research.


Key positional responsibilities:

To conduct research and development on selected sections (phases, tasks) of a project alone, as a responsible executive, or jointly with the supervisor and performs complex experiments and observations.
To collect, process, analyze and summarize the resulting scientific and technical information, national and foreign experience and the results of experiments and observations
To participate in the preparation of plans and teaching programs, research and development of practical recommendations on the application of the results.
To write reports (sections of the report) on the topic or section (stage, task).
To participate in the implementation of research and development.
To publish the results of scientific work (articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, conference proceedings).
To participate in research seminars, announcing the original reports and review reports of research on the subjects carried out by his employees.

To make regular reports on the results of his work at scientific meetings and conferences.


Business trips:




Higher biological / agricultural / medical
Degree: Candidate of Biological Sciences / Microbiology, Biotechnology


Desired professional experience (duration, sphere, and other):

For candidates with Master’s degree at least 5 years in the field of scientific research work experience is required. For applicants with Ph.D. or candidates for PhD degree – work experience is not requirements. Presence of scientific and research experience of work and availability of scientific publications, publications in foreign scientific publications with impact factor and reports at international conferences. Knowledge of English is compulsory. The presence of an H-index is welcome.



Professional knowledge and personal qualities:

Responsibility, punctuality, diligence and quick learning ability, the desire to improve the knowledge and professional skills, dedication, perseverance and creativity, interpersonal communication abilities, teamwork skills.

Must be able to determine or establish the following: design of research, current scientific problems; directions in research development; findings of national and international research in relevant fields of science; modern methods for designing and conducting research projects.


Proficiency in languages, including state language, (list of languages):


Kazakh, Russian, English languages


Computer skills:

Advanced PC skills (OS Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office 2003, 2007), special soft to profile.


Final date of CV submission:

Untill position is filled