Researcher for the Laboratory of genomic and personalized medicine (on the period of realization of research project)



The main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

Implementation of measures to conduct basic and / or applied research in field of genomics, genetics, genetic epidemiology, molecular medicine


Key and functional tasks 

Conducts research and development on individual sections (steps, tasks) of the project in accordance with approved procedures under the supervision of the main executor; performs experiments, conducts observations and measurements, draws descriptions and conclusions on them; studies the scientific and technical information as well as the national and international trends on the subject; prepares reports (sections of the report) on the topic or section (steps, tasks); participates in the implementation of the research outcomes and developments; involved in preparing publications on the results of  the scientific research (articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, conference proceedings, scientific collections); active participation in scientific seminars, speaking at them both with original reports and with overview reports on research topics conducted by employees led by him; regularly reports the results of his work at scientific meetings and conferences


Business trips:

Business trips and conferences are considered



Master’s degree in Biological Sciences or Medicine, Residency (medicine)


Desired professional qualifications/experience

At least 3 years of work experience in the field of scientific research, in the presence of scientific degree of a candidate of sciences or PhD degree without a requirement for work experience, work experience in the field of molecular and genetic research, possession of molecular genetic methods, availability of scientific papers, publications


Professional knowledge

High ability to cooperate and work as part of the team as well as with individual researcher


Personal qualities

Responsibility and organizational skills


Proficiency in languages, including state language, (list of languages)

Fluent in English language


Computer skills:

Good knowledge of common computer programs MS Office, Excel, R statistics, SPSS, knowledge of the basics of bioinformatics analysis is welcome



Until selecting the candidate corresponding to the above requirements.



Head of LGPM, leading researcher, DMSc Ainur Akilzhanova