Researcher (for ORAU research project implementation period), Laboratory of energy, ecology and climate



Job title:

Researcher (for ORAU research project implementation period)   


Higher professional education and the presence of the PhD, candidate of science, Doctor of Science in chemical engineering, heat power engineering


– Independently and under the leadership of the responsible executor, conducts scientific research, participates in the implementation of experiments, conducts diagnostics and analysis of scientific and technical information, studies domestic and foreign experience on the topic, prepares reports on the topic and participates in the implementation of research results, participates in the design and writing of scientific papers and reports;

– Research in the field of combustion and gasification of solid fuels (coal, biomass, municipal solid wastes) in fluidized-bed furnaces and for flaring of pulverized fuel;

Carrying out experiments on the characterization of samples, materials using spectral methods, calorimetry, studying the chemical properties of combustion products (ash, waste gases);

– Coordination with the working group for the implementation of the project, including coordination of the work of junior researchers and technicians;

– Preparation of quarterly and annual reports;

– Preparation and submission of applications for internal and external financing;

– Publications of research results in international peer-reviewed journals;          

– Participation in conferences;

Business Trip:


Experience (duration, field and the other):

–   Work experience of at least 5 years. If you have a science degree PhD or candidate of science – without specifying requirements to work experience;

–          – The availability of scientific papers is not less than 5;

–  Have experience in the implementation of scientific research for at least 5 years;

Professional competencies and personal characteristics:

Ability to work in an academic environment individually and as a team member, problem-solving skills, self-motivating.

Language competencies:

Excellent written and spoken English

Application materials:

CV, reference letters

Deadline for application:

The position will be open until it is filled