Researcher/analyst of the Survey Center, NAC Analytica Corporate Fund


NAC Analytica Corporate Fund



Researcher/analyst of the Survey Center


Key and functional objectives of the unit

·    Deliver research programs and projects, provide information and advisory services in surveying population and businesses;

·    Prepare analytical materials, reports, and references on issues within the competence of the Center’s;

·    Establish interaction and cooperation with the Nazarbayev University, local and foreign research centers, as well as international organizations and public authorities on issues within the competence of the Center;

·    Publish results of the Center’s work in internal and external publications, including in peer-reviewed ones;

·    Prepare information and analytical materials for the Fund’s website on issues within the competence of the Center;

·    Participate and hold round tables, conferences, workshops and other expert platforms on issues within the competence of the Center.




Key and functional objectives of the position

·    Deal with project delivery, including generating statistical data and analytical materials necessary for the delivery of projects, participating in data processing and analysis;

·    Engage in the development of survey programs, tools and survey methodology;

·    Submit proposals on automation of data processing, participate in the setup and maintenance of a database of surveys;

·    Interact with representatives of clients and suppliers on the project delivery matters;

·    Prepare reports on project delivery outcomes and presentation material;

·    Prepare analytical materials (reports, analytical reviews and notes) on some issues within the competence of the Center;

·    Prepare analytical materials (articles) for the Fund’s publication and external publications;

·    Design proposals for ToR for projects.


Educational background

·    Higher vocational education or master’s degree, preferably from higher education institutions with English language of instruction in the following areas:

– economy;

– mathematics;

– statistics;

– sociology.


Professional experience sought (duration, field, industry, etc.)

·    At least 2 years of experience of work in areas that match the functional areas of the China Study Center;

·    Experience in designing, managing and maintaining the complete cycle of surveys;

·    Experience in analyzing, interpretation of the survey outcomes and preparation of analytical materials;


Professional knowledge and personal qualities

·    Analytical skills;

·    Search for new solutions;

·    Development-oriented;

·    Creative approach;

·    Teamwork skills.


Command of languages including Kazakh (specify)

·    Kazakh (speaking/writing) – fluent (preferably);

·    Russian (speaking/writing) – fluent (must);

·    English (speaking/writing) – fluent (must).


PC skills (software, how good at using PC)

·    High command of PC (Microsoft Office);

·    At least one data processing program (Stata, SPSS, R, etc.).


CV submission deadline

·    Until an applicant meeting the above requirements is selected.