Researcher/analyst at the Center for Development of Economic Modeling, NAC Analytica Corporate Fund


NAC Analytica Corporate Fund



Researcher/analyst at the Center for Development of Economic Modeling


Key and functional objectives of the unit

·    Conduct research, provide information and advisory services in macroeconomic and monetary policy as well as financial sector;

·    Prepare analytical materials, reports, references and public information and analytical bulletins as part of the Center’s tasks;

·    Establish interaction and cooperation with local and foreign research centers, as well as international organizations and public authorities in macroeconomic and monetary policy as well as financial sector;

·    Participate in designing and delivering research programs of the Fund in macroeconomic and monetary policy as well as in financial sector.


Key and functional objectives of the position

·    Collecting/structuring macroeconomic data by various countries;

·    Collecting/structuring financial time series;

·    Retrieving data from electronic databases and other public sourcs;

·    Building macroeconomic and empirical finance models in cooperation with academics;

·    Simulation of macroeconomic and financial models;

·    Projecting primary macroeconomic variables for a group of countires;

·    Projecting primary financial variables;

·    Creation of new ideas for research in macroeconomics and finance;

·    Updating and adapting existing models to more advanced analysis methods.


Educational background

·    Higher vocational education (additional higher education or master’s degree in economics, finance, management) from a western university or famous universities in Australia, Singapore, Russia;

·    With a master’s degree in mathematics, the bachelor’s degree in economics / finance is a must.


Professional experience sought (duration, field, industry, etc.)

·    Working experience is optional.


Professional knowledge and personal qualities

·    Knowledge of one or more econometric packages is a must (Eviews, Stata, RATS, Matlab Econometrics toolbox);

·    Knowledge of LaTeX is an advantage;

·    Practical skills in Python, C ++, C #, SQL, VBA are an advantage;

·    Advanced knowledge in theory of finance and financial econometrics;

·    Excellent knowledge of econometrics, macroeconomics and mathematics (linear algebra, mathematical analysis, probability theory);

·    Good knowledge of derivatives and fixed income instruments;

·    Experience in working with financial data and time series (regular and non-regular);

·    Experience in collecting / structuring macroeconomic data;

·    Willingness to work in research;

·    Sociability, confidence and responsibility;

·    Punctuality, accuracy, attention to detail.


Command of languages including Kazakh (specify)

·    Russian (speaking/writing) – fluent (must);

·    English (speaking/writing) – fluent (must);

·    Kazakh (speaking/writing) – fluent (preferably).



PC skills (software, how good at using PC)

·    High command of PC (Microsoft Office);


CV submission deadline

·    Until an applicant meeting the above requirements is selected.