Research assistant (on the period of realization of research project)


1 Position: Research assistant (on the period of realization of research project)
2 The main functional responsibilities of the structural unit: Implementation of the main activities for conducting fundamental and applied research in the field of materials science. Knowledge in the field of electrochemistry is required.
3 Key and functional tasks Research in the field of synthesis of materials (current collectors, anodes and cathodes for energy storage);
Conducting experiments on the characterization of materials using electron microscopy methods, spectral methods, the study of physico-chemical, and electrochemical properties of materials;
Production of current collectors, anodes and cathodes using different methods (magnetron, thermal evaporation);
Helping in the preparation and submission of proposals to internal and external funding agencies;
To publish the research results in the international peer-reviewed journals;
Participation in conferences for research outcome dissemination.
4 Business trips: Possible.
5 Education: The presence of a BSc/MSc degree in the field of materials science, physics, chemistry.
6 Desired professional qualifications/experience In the presence of a master’s degree – no requirements for work experience;
2 years of experience with a bachelor’s degree.
The presence of scientific research work experience and the availability of scientific papers, publications in foreign scientific journals with an impact factor and reports at international conferences are encouraged.
7 Professional knowledge Good communication skills; high ability to cooperate and work as part of the team as well as with project partners.
8 Personal qualities Strong leadership skills, ability to work in international academic environment individually and in team, taking initiatives, problem-solving skills, self-motivating.
9 Proficiency in languages, including state language, (list of languages) Fluency in English language.
10 Computer skills: Basic skills.
11 Deadline Until selecting the candidate corresponding to the above requirements.
12 Contact Nurpeissova Arailym,, Gulnur Kalimuldina,