Research Assistant


Major functional responsibilities of the structural subdivision:

Research in the area of biomedical engineering, innovative cell technology and transplantology

Main job responsibilities:

Assisting to science researchers in making

Preparation of the laboratory for the experiment:

Preparation of working solutions and effluent

Preparation of laboratory instruments, glassware (sterilizing, autoclaving)

Processing laboratory tools and utensils after experiments

Participation and carrying out the experiments.

 Proposing the hypothesis for testing.

Design of the experiment and materials to use.

Keep records in the laboratory notebook.

Data analysis, assessment and presentation.

Participation in registration of the publication in accordance with the results of work.

Business travel:



Specialty: biomedical science, biotechnology

Required work experience   (duration, sphere of activities, other)

Experience in biomedical research laboratories for at least 2 year, publications.

Professional competence:

-working with cell cultures;


Soft competence and qualities:

Responsible and creative approach to work, punctuality, diligence and quick learning ability, the desire to improve knowledge and improve their professional skills, dedication,perseverance and leadership, communication, teamwork, honesty, openness, activity.

Knowledge of languages, including the state language (list of languages, which the candidate must know)

Kazakh, Russian, English languages

Hard skills:

High level of knowledge of PC (OS Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office 2003, 2007.

CV submission deadline:

Till October 7, 2019

Contact name:

Safarova Yuliya, 70-65-11,