Receptionist of Faculty Housing Service



Main job duties

Assistance to the faculty in adaptation to the university housing conditions; assistance in translation; control of maintaining residential, sociocultural and utility facilities of a dormitory


Main duties and functions

1)    Reception and registration of requests from faculty living in residential facilities about malfunctions in life support systems of the facilities and adjacent territories. Sending these requests to relevant divisions or relevant staff of the Entity;

2)    Organization and control of timely execution of requests by authorized structural divisions to repair malfunctions in life support system of residential facilities and adjacent territories;

3)    Drawing up and sending mailouts containing various production information to the faculty;

4)    Control of maintaining residential facilities and adjacent infrastructure;

5)    Consultation of the faculty concerning adaptation to university residential facilities;

6)    Organization and control of preparing residential facilities for moving in and living;

7)    Cooperation in the organization of faculty move-in and move-out of residential facilities;

8)    Informing relevant staff of the Entity about occupancy of residential facilities, number and composition of residents, level of satisfaction with provided services, and about requests for the accompanying services, etc.;

9)    Control of safety of property in residential facilities, including keys from all doors of residential facilities, as well as prevention of removal of property without corresponding permission of the structural division manager;

10) Execution of other duties as required.



Bachelor’s degree


Work experience (duration, field, specialization, etc.)

at least 1 year of work experience,

Work experience in services sector, organization of servicing, hotel business or service is preferred.


Professional knowledge and personal characteristics

– strong interpersonal skills

– teamwork skills

– resistance to stress

– responsibility

– sense of duty

– hard worker

– tolerance

– pleasant appearance


Language requirements

(indicate languages you speak including Kazakh)

Fluent Kazakh, Russian and English languages (oral and written).


PC skills

Expert user of PC (Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Excel, Internet)